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Convertible Top Color Changed with LVP Refinisher

April 6, 2023


Steve Chopko is a believer in ColorBond LVP upholstery paint. He is the owner of The Dye Guy, a company he founded in 2007 which specializes in reconditioning leather, vinyl and plastic repair on automobiles, planes, boats, and RV’s. As a family business, The Dye Guy employs Steve, as well as his wife and son. With over 30 years industry experience, Steve knows a lot about recoloring these materials.

About a year ago a customer approached Steve about dying the convertible top of his Jaguar XK8 from tan to black. Wanting to achieve results he could stand behind (reputation is everything), Steve didn’t believe a standard dye procedure or use of waterborne based colorants would get the quality results he demanded, so Steve declined to take on the job. His customer still insisted he do the job and even told Steve he wouldn’t hold him accountable for the results. Steve was still hesitant about taking on the job, but then he discovered ColorBond upholstery paint.

Why ColorBond LVP is Great for Painting Convertible Tops

ColorBond LVP is a solvent based interior paint that bonds to the surface of the material, rather than having to soak in like a dye. Also, the film thickness of ColorBond LVP is much thinner than a water-based product, so it won’t crack as it flexes when the top is folded. Which makes it an excellent convertible top paint. After discussing the product with ColorBond, Steve decided to give it a chance.

Convertible Top Colors

Over the years, there have been different convertible top colors offered for Jaguar XK8 models. While black has been one of the more popular and traditional Jaguar convertible top colors, differing shades of tan have been popular as well. Blue is another interesting convertible top color that was available. What’s great about ColorBond LVP is that the paint is offered in over 205 colors, so it’s easy to find the perfect hue for a convertible top color change. 

Convertible Top Restoration

To avoid “tiger stripes” Steve prefers to use spray guns to apply coatings, so rather than purchasing ColorBond LVP in aerosol can form, he ordered concentrate

“I was skeptical and thought the convertible top wasn’t going to look right. But the convertible top color turned out great and made a big difference.” States Steve.

The convertible top was first prepped by scrubbing with isopropyl alcohol and water solution. It didn’t require much cleaning as the car was always kept clean and stored in a garage. Steve says it dried fast because of the alcohol. Masking off the body with tape was then performed.

“The job to change the color of the convertible top took about four hours including prep, cleaning, and masking. The ColorBond paint was quick and easy to apply. It dried quickly – so the turnaround time between coats was amazing. I applied three coats, which used about a quart of concentrate. It was so easy and there were literally no challenges with using the ColorBond LVP. After I was done I simply untapped the car and it was ready to go. No other work was required. I’m now totally confident in ColorBond LVP upholstery paint and will use it again to change convertible top colors!” Steve Concludes.

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