Carpet Paint for Restoring and Restyling Automotive Carpeting – Colorbond Paint

Carpet Paint for Restoring and Restyling Automotive Carpeting

May 20, 2021


ColorBond Carpet Refinisher is an easy to use specially formulated aerosol carpet paint that molecularly bonds with carpet fibers. It is great for restoring and restyling automotive carpeting and can make worn and stained carpeting look new. Carpet Refinisher provides a superior finish to conventional carpet cleaning and offers a cost-effective alternative to carpet replacement. Carpet Refinisher can also be used to completely change the color of carpeting for a custom look.

Consider the cost of Carpet Refinisher versus carpet replacement. An average aftermarket carpet kit costs about $200-$500. An OEM replacement kit costs about twice that. Then you can add another another $600 to $800 for a professional installation. However, three cans of Carpet Refinisher are typically needed to recolor a carpet set, for a total cost of only $49.47.

Restoring and restyling automotive carpeting is easy with ColorBond carpet paint. It goes on easy and dries in minutes:

  • For best results, remove the carpet from the vehicle
  • Lay carpet out in a well-ventilated area
  • Thoroughly clean the carpet
  • Apply carpet paint in short, light passes in multiple layers and don’t saturate

Carpet Refinisher comes in a 12 oz. aerosol can and is available in Black, Taupe, Light Gray, Dark Gray and Crimson. Coverage varies on application.

Rather replacing badly stained carpeting this customer repainted his carpeting with Carpet Refinisher

Gilbert L. says: “This was a great experience for me using ColorBond products. I started off painting the carpet in my 1988 Chevrolet 1500 but as I got started, I got more creative ideas that lead me to painting the door panels, door latches and handles, steering wheel, a/c vents, driver side airbag, fuse box cover, etc. P.S I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to use it.”

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