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Black Trim Restorer Makes This VW Corrado Grille Look New!

May 27, 2021


Nick Frey, a VW enthusiast, is currently restyling and modifying his ’92 Corrado. As part of the project, he is replacing the original grille with a used aftermarket unit that he refinished using ColorBond Pro Tech Trim Color paint. Using the black trim restorer saved him a significant amount of money in the process.

Watch How To Paint a Plastic Car Grille Back To New

Nick says when he purchased the car the badgeless aftermarket grille came with it as a spare. As the grille was in rough shape and very faded from the sun, he considered purchasing a new aftermarket part. Finding the new grille would cost about $90 (and an OEM grille would have cost about $150, if one could even be found) Nick decided painting the spare aftermarket grille with a black trim restorer would be far less expensive. After doing online research and comparing ColorBond to other paint brands he decided Pro Tech Trim Color would provide the best result.

Before & After Result of Using Trim Black Plastic Paint

TOP: Grille painted with ColorBond Pro Tech Trim Color BOTTOM: Same grill before painting

Nick began by sanding the grille with 800-grit wet/dry sandpaper and then wiped it down with isopropyl alcohol and then a tack cloth. Next, he painted the grille with a general automotive filler/primer spray paint as there were some scratches and chips that needed to be smoothed out. Again, he sanded with the 800- grit wet/dry sandpaper and wiped it down with the alcohol and tack cloth.

Now it was time for application of the Pro Tech Trim Color paint. Nick used Black color #622 and started with a light tack coat, waited a minute, and then applied a second and third coat. Waiting 1-2 minutes between coats. As a final step he hung the grille to dry in the sun for about an hour. Of note, Nick painted the grille outdoors where the weather was sunny, 70 degrees and with low humidity.

Nick says “The Pro Tech Trim Paint color-matched identical to a “new black plastic” look. The paint also kept its texture of plastic once dried. It did not feel foreign or too glossy. It seems like the natural color of the plastic. Following the steps I took and being patient results in a good job. One can of paint is enough for two grilles. Total costs were about $26 which included one can of Pro Tech at $16.49, as well as the primer and isopropyl alcohol. That’s a savings of $125 as compared to buying a new OEM grille, and $65 compared to buying a new aftermarket replacement.”

ColorBond painted grille (top) in comparison to an original new old stock grille

Great job Nick!

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