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Car Carpet Paint Makes Carpet Look Brand New

June 4, 2021



Chris Parmar has a special attachment to his 2002 Saturn SL2. The car was given to him as a gift by his father who has since passed away, and his sentimentality for the Saturn runs strong. While Chris is immensely proud that his car is in excellent condition, he found the carpet needed replacement. This is where ColorBond Carpet Refinisher car carpet paint comes into the story.

After seeing a new carpet would cost around $400, Chris decided replacing the carpet with a used one from a donor car would be more cost effective. A carpet was found at a wrecking yard, but it was gray in color and the original carpet was black. Chris had previous experience using paint to recolor a carpet and it turned out horribly, so he was looking for better ideas on how to change the color. Then a friend told him about ColorBond Carpet Refinisher car carpet paint. He decided to give it a shot.

Chris says he closely followed the instructions and thoroughly shampooed the carpet to remove dirt and oil (He said he shampooed and rinsed it seven times, so it was super clean) and then let it dry for a few days. Then he brushed the carpet to be sure the fibers were standing at attention to best receive the Carpet Refinisher spray.

Four cans of ColorBond Carpet Refinisher in black were used at a cost of $66.00. Compare that to the cost of a $400 new replacement carpet! Chris said he took with preparation and painting, once again closely following the instructions and the result was incredible. He says the color is great and the carpet is super soft.

“The Carpet Refinisher dried so fast, and the carpet looks like brand new. After it dried, I wiped it with a wet cloth expecting to see black on the cloth, but there was nothing. This is the most amazing product I’ve seen in my life!” says Chris.

Thanks so much for the kind words, Chris. We’re happy we could be part of your labor of love.

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