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Car Carpet Paint

Refresh worn carpets with ColorBond’s auto carpet paint. ColorBond’s answer to refreshing your auto carpets is an easy and cost-effective option to bring your interior back to life. Restore original carpet colors or inject vibrant hues for a new look.

Save hundreds on your automotive project by painting car carpets instead of buying replacements.

Revitalize Auto Carpets With ColorBond

Auto carpets are subject to wear and tear. You can refresh carpets promptly and easily with ColorBond. Carpet Refinisher and Carpet Stylin’ paint products deliver superior results with quick drying times. Follow the instructions on the can to maintain the appearance and original texture of automotive carpets.

What Are Carpet Paints?

Car carpet paints by ColorBond help you maintain your automobile's appearance. Apply our carpet spray paints directly to carpet fibers and change the cabin's aesthetic or restore that original color.

Carpet spray paints from ColorBond give you the flexibility to match the OEM color or alter the color completely. Save hundreds or even thousands by painting your carpets using ColorBond Paint versus purchasing OEM replacement carpet. Our unique formula is specifically designed to maintain the natural texture of your carpet whereas other spray paint solutions may cause hardened textures.

carpet before and after colorbond paint

Types of ColorBond Carpet Paint and Spray Solutions

ColorBond provides you with several carpet treatment options for cosmetic improvements inside the cab. Our car carpet paint products work with all vehicles, including cars, pickup trucks, vans, and SUVs.

Carpet Refinisher

ColorBond's Carpet Refinisher sprays restore automotive carpets, and selections are based on OEM colors. Our Carpet Refinisher rejuvenates cabin flooring materials seeing heavy foot traffic. Add original color to the driver- and passenger-side mats in minutes. Carpet Refinisher products leave a long-lasting finish.

Carpet Stylin' Spray Paints

Customize carpet sections in cars, trucks and SUVs using Carpet Stylin'. ColorBond's carpet paint for customers looking to have a bolder interior look in eye-catching colors like Bombastic Blue and Chrome Yellow. Painting car carpets to fully custom colors is made easy with Carpet Stylin'.

Applying ColorBond Carpet Spray Paints

Our Carpet Refinisher paints provide you with clean restoration results compared to automotive dyes. All colors bond to carpet fibers without running, smearing, or clumping up. Apply coats using the steps below:

  1. Clean carpets and allow them to air dry.
  2. Hold Carpet Stylin' products 12 inches from carpet fibers.
  3. Apply paints in multiple light coats until you reach your desired shade.
  4. Let carpets dry for 10 minutes.

Benefits of ColorBond Carpet Paints

Our carpet spray paints give your factory interior surfaces a second life. Refinish carpets from signs of deterioration in less than one hour. Benefits of ColorBond's car carpet paints include:

  • Paint colors are OEM approved.
  • Carpets remain soft to the touch.
  • Car carpet paints resist flaking and peeling.
  • Paints give carpets an ultraviolet (UV)-stable finish.
  • Interior restoration tasks can be completed quickly.

Purchase Carpet Spray Paints From ColorBond Paint

ColorBond offers OEM-certified paints. Keep interior carpets looking their best for all driving applications. Check out our color chart online to learn the color names of interior surfaces and make a purchase.

Browse our collection of OEM carpet paints for cars today and place your order.