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A Clean Car Interior Equals Less Stress

October 27, 2022


Stress levels today are through the roof. Between inflation, pandemic concerns, the Ukraine, and what’s going on with the Kardashians, worry and anxiety are running high. But self-care, meditation and ColorBond LVP can help reduce stress. OK, the first two are obvious but what’s up with ColorBond LVP? Well, let’s sum it up as; a fresh, clean car interior equals less stress. You never thought about that? Read on.

Does a Clean Car Interior Make You Feel Better?

Think about how you feel when your home, office, or especially your teenage child’s bedroom is a mess. It might make you feel that things are not in their proper place. That things are not quite in control. A dirty, messy car interior can do the same. But you can take control! At least control of how your interior makes you feel. It may not be so easy with the kid’s bedroom.

Can a Clean Car Interior Improve Your Mental Health and Safety?

According to a study commissioned by Cooper Tire, it was found that in a week’s time the typical American spends an average of eight hours and 22 minutes a week in their car. That’s equivalent to getting in the car and not getting out for 18 days. Driving on today’s roads is stressful enough but spending that much time looking around the inside of your messy car can make it worse. When your car interior is clean and fresh it helps to alleviate stress and improves mental health. Reduced stress also promotes safety by allowing you to focus on the task of driving.  

Tips for Cleaning Your Car Interior

If your interior is a mess, it’s time for a cleaning to reduce the stress. Here is what you can do get it neat, tidy, and clean.

  1. Take out the trash – Grab a plastic garbage bag and start tossing in any trash you find. Look under the seats, go through your glove box and console. It can be a sentimental journey finding stuff you haven’t seen in years.
  2. Clean the floormats – Take out your floormats, and if they’re carpet give them a good shake to get out the loose debris, then vacuum. Follow by scrubbing with foaming carpet cleaner, or better yet use a steam cleaner. If the mats are rubber, vinyl, or plastic your job is much easier. Just be sure all the loose dirt is off and scrub them down with a spray cleaner appropriate for the material.
  3. Vacuum thoroughly – Vacuum the carpeting, front and rear seats, door pockets, the trunk or hatch area, the rear window parcel shelf. Be sure to get those French fries that fell between the seat and console.
  4. Clean off the grime – Use a good spray cleaner to clean off dirt, grease and grime from leather, vinyl, and plastic. Be sure the cleaner is designed for the surface it’s being used to clean. I always use something specific for use with auto interiors, as it takes away the guess work. Don’t forget to use glass cleaner for the windshield and all windows.
  5. Shampoo – If you have dirty cloth seats or carpeting a good shampooing may be in order. Once again use a product designed for the task: A cleaner compatible with cloth automotive seats, and a foaming carpet shampoo. A steam cleaner can be used as well.

What if my Leather, Vinyl or Plastic Still Looks Bad?

A clean car interior equals less stress, but after you’re done cleaning your interior may be as spotless as can be, however the leather, vinyl, plastic, or carpeting may be scratched, permanently stained, or discolored. Leaving you wanting to fix that since everything else is so neat and tidy. This is where ColorBond LVP comes in.

The appearance of leather, vinyl, plastic, and nylon carpeting can be restored with ColorBond LVP. It’s a paint designed for use on these materials, and it’s easy to use. You start by thoroughly cleaning the surface before painting. “But I just cleaned the surfaces!” you may say. The key to this cleaning is to be sure there is no remaining dirt, oils, grease, dressings or conditioners, residue from the cleaners you used previously, etc. They will interfere with paint adhesion. With proper preparation, ColorBond LVP doesn’t crack, chip, or peel. It’s recommended to use acetone or ColorBond Prep Cleaner to be sure the surface is clean enough for painting.

ColorBond LVP is highly pigmented to provide great coverage yet has a thin film that allows the vinyl surface texture to show through. The color and finish quality are beautiful, and the paint has the durability needed to last for many years. Another neat aspect of the paint is it’s available in over 205 colors, including OEM certified colors for many vehicle makes and models, which you can see here. If you are painting hard plastics, you’ll want to spray it with ColorBond Adhesion Promoter first.

ColorBond LVP was used to make this F150 dash look new

Clean, Fresh and Stress-Free

With a thorough cleaning, and if needed an appearance renewal with ColorBond LVP, you’ll have an interior that will be a great place to be when spending all that time in your car. A clean car interior equals less stress indeed!