ColorBond Increases Efficiency

ColorBond Increases Efficiency, Profit and Confidence for MARS of Billings

December 12, 2019


Devon Davidson is the owner of Mobile Appearance Reconditioning Service (MARS) of Billings Montana, which employs 32 people, is a fan of ColorBond products and uses LVP Refinisher as an integral part of his business.

When it comes to interior reconditioning Devon says that MARS had previously been using only interior dye products that required the technicians to mix their own colors. Some techs were great at mixing and applying the dye, but others were not so good at mixing colors. Five years ago, Devon discovered ColorBond at the SEMA Show and found it was the perfect product for their needs.

“We’ve had no problems with ColorBond. The quality is awesome, and the finish has a nice feel. When we order we receive the product in a timely fashion. With ColorBond LVP Refinisher in spray cans the colors come premixed. OEM colors perfectly match, and the colors are always consistent. Unlike when colors are mixed by a technician. This instills confidence in our technicians. They know the color will be correct.  With ColorBond efficiency and profit is increased too. Mixing a color properly can take an hour, ColorBond is immediately available on our wall of ColorBond LVP Refinisher, where we maintain 203 OEM ColorBond colors. No time is wasted mixing colors. Moreover, ColorBond doesn’t crack and peel like other dye products that contain a lot of additives. Of note; it is important to properly prep the surface before painting to achieve a quality result.” Devon explains.

MARS of Billings is quite a story. In 2001 Devon became a MARS franchisee and began a mobile automotive reconditioning service fixing minor tears in seats, doing interior and paint touch ups, bumper cover repairs, pinstriping and accessory installation. The company at that time did not have a brick and mortar retail location, but rather was van based and primarily serviced used car dealerships. Of note, MARS of Billings is affiliated with MARS Nation, an association of reconditioning and restyling professionals, that buy together and stay connected and Devon Davidson is the president of that association. MARS of Billings was chosen by the SBA as the state of Montana’s Small Business of the Year for 2019. ColorBond is proud to be a part of this success.

As time went on MARS steadily grew. In 2007 Devon opened a brick and mortar location with a retail store front and 16 employees. The MARS franchise went away in 2012, however, Devon soldiered on and retained the MARS of Billings name. Fast forward to 2017. MARS outgrew another building and moved into a state of the art 22,000 square foot building that includes a paint booth as well as a spray room for installing bed liners and undercoating. The employee count is now 32 and the company has two mobile trucks. The heart and soul of the business is reconditioning used automobiles for dealerships and the public.

Devon says before his business came to being people in Billings had limited options for having reconditioning work done. They now have a better choice and are saving money over what they were spending with other companies.

ColorBond is an excellent product line for professionals looking for the best results. Congratulations to Devon Davidson and the staff of MARS of Billings for their great success and we extend our gratitude for their use of ColorBond.