Recondition the Interior and Exterior your Car or Truck with ColorBond – Colorbond Paint

Recondition the Interior and Exterior your Car or Truck with ColorBond

January 2, 2020

With the average car on the road approaching twelve years old, it seems the mechanical components of the vehicles last forever, however, the cosmetics often don’t do so well. While the vehicles run just fine, they may start to look a little shabby. Whether for the DIY vehicle owner wanting to improve the look of their own vehicle, or the professional refurbishing used cars, ColorBond offers paint products to easily and economically recondition these vehicles to make them appear years younger. A great looking vehicle makes long term ownership more enjoyable and is more appealing if it comes time to sell.

Of note, users benefit from ColorBond’s OEM correct colors, as well as ease of use over water-based systems, which don’t work as well for refinishing trim and can be particularly difficult to use in cold weather.

With ColorBond paints both the exterior and interior can be rejuvenated.

ColorBond LVP Refinisher is a revolutionary molecular bonding paint that penetrates deep into plastic, vinyl and leather. Allowing the user to easily and economically restore or change the color of leather, vinyl or hard plastic with fantastic results. LVP Refinisher won’t flake, crack or peel and is available in over 205 OEM correct colors.



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ColorBond Pro Tech Trim Color auto trim paint is great for wheel flairs, mirrors, window trim, door trim, and bumpers. Primarily metallic paints, they have been created to match OEM finishes on a wide range of exterior components and can also be used on interior hard plastic metallic finished trim.

OEM correct colors, such as the silver used on this dash perfectly match

When a vehicle is new the black mirror, facia and bumper trim has a rich and lustrous appearance. However, as time goes on the trim can oxidize causing it to fade and become dull. ColorBond Pro Tech Trim Color Black #622 is often used since it’s the perfect choice for restoring a like new appearance

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Making your tires look their best has a big impact on your vehicle’s appearance and ColorBond has it covered. ColorBond Spit Shine Tire Black isn’t a rubber conditioner, but rather an actual tire paint that will give your car’s faded tires a rich, supple look. Easy to use, ColorBond Tire Black will restore your vehicle’s original black tires quickly. If you want to repaint a white wall tire, LVP Refinisher in #105 Cutty White is compatible with your tire and looks great.

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ColorBond Pro Tech Engine Enamel is available to restore and restyle automotive exterior trims, undercarriages, engine compartments, as well as engines. Pro Tech Engine Enamel provides a high quality “fresh from the factory” finish. A gloss metallic alkyd primer, ColorBond’s Pro Tech Enamel engine paint was developed for maximum adhesion to ensure engines are protected from small chips, chemicals and heat. Pro Tech engine paint has been given OEM certification from a range of manufacturers and is rated to 500° F.

Pro Tech Engine Enamel is available in colors that perfectly match the engine paint originally used on classic cars. Excellent long-lasting quality and OEM correct colors makes Pro Tech the perfect choice for the professional or amateur auto restorer who needs the engine paint color to be correct to original. 

Pro Tech Engine Enamel is available in 14 colors.

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While sprucing up the exterior you might want to add a cool custom touch. ColorBond Pro Tech Translucent Black Tail Lite Color makes custom tail lights easy to create. This is a transparent taillight tint and is easily applied to taillights, fog lights or turn indicators to create a black appearance until they are lit. If you want to create a set of smoked taillights, ColorBond will deliver that custom blackout effect that you’ll love.

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With ColorBond paints you can easily transform a car or truck from shabby to incredible!