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ColorBond Tire Paint Improves Your Vehicle’s Appearance

January 9, 2020

Great looking tires are a big part of a vehicle’s overall appearance. Dark black rich colored tires are aesthetically pleasing. Dull gray hazed tires are not. What causes tires to fade? Antioxidants and waxes are used in tire rubber compound to protect them from the environment. The dull appearance is the waxes migrating to the surface. They actually help protect the tire. Many tire manufacturers recommend using only soap and water to clean tires so as not to remove the waxes and leave the tire exposed. The downside is the hazed appearance remains.

A great way to restore the dark black color of tires without stripping the antioxidants and waxes from the surface is to apply ColorBond Spit Shine Tire Black tire paint. This product is a specially formulated black tire paint that will give your car’s faded tires a rich, supple look. Easy to use, ColorBond Tire Black will restore your vehicle’s original black tires quickly. Of note: If there are cracks in sidewall, even small ones, the tire most likely should not be used. Tire cracks can allow the underlying structures within a tire to become exposed. As the structural integrity of the tire worsens, the risk of a blowout increases. When in doubt about a tire’s safety you should consult with a reputable tire shop.

Rejuvenating your tires with ColorBond’s tire paint is quick and easy. Follow these basic steps to get the attractive look of showroom-fresh black tires in moments:

  • Clean the tires with soap and water
  • Use degreaser as necessary
  • Spray on ColorBond Tire Black Paint
  • Allow to dry 15 minutes

If you want to repaint a white wall tire, ColorBond LVP Refinisher in #105 Cutty White is compatible with your tire and looks great.

ColorBond Tire Black is great for DIY vehicle owners and professional detailers alike. For more information Click Here.

Great looking tires are a big part of a vehicle’s overall appearance