ColorBond Spray Paint for Plastic Receives Tool Digest Editor’s Pick A – Colorbond Paint

ColorBond Spray Paint for Plastic Receives Tool Digest Editor’s Pick Award

August 13, 2021


Tool Digest has named ColorBond LVP Refinisher as their choice for Best Spray Paint for Plastic. In an evaluation that compared ten different plastic spray paint products from manufacturers including Rust-Oleum, Krylon, and Duplicolor, the ColorBond brand was chosen as being the most effective spray paint for plastic based on its finish quality, versatility, and overall performance.

Among the criteria Tool Digest took into consideration were paint quality, finish smoothness and appearance, drying time, ability to handle rain and high humidity, versatility for use on different materials, durability, and price.

Tool Digest cited their choice of ColorBond as the most effective spray paint for plastic was based on the paint’s high value for the money, that it bonds to plastic, leather, vinyl, and other surfaces, its non-toxic, it’s able to be used for indoor and outdoor applications, it does not crack flake or peel, and that it is long lasting. “ColorBond ranks the highest on our list of spray paint for plastic products due to its hold, dry time, and multitude of uses. If you want to use one can for multiple different products, then this can is the best for its price” states Tool Digest states in their evaluation.

The evaluation showed ColorBond does not experience the issues demonstrated by other paints in the competition. These included the paint applying unev, stiffening of the substrate, limited number of materials it can be applied to, long dry time, high price, limited color and sheen selection, and the need to apply with safety equipment.

Door handle and pull refinished with ColorBond

ColorBond is honored to be Tool Digest’s Editor’s Pick for Best Spray Paint for Plastic. We greatly appreciate having LVP Refinisher recognized as the best go to spray paint for plastic. ColorBond works hard to offer the best quality products that provide a cost-effective solution for restoring the leather, vinyl and plastic on vehicles, boats, furniture, and more” states ColorBond President Malcolm Johnson.

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