Furniture Restoration with Leather Paint – Colorbond Paint

Furniture Restoration with Leather Paint

July 16, 2021


Harry Shaw did a wonderful job using ColorBond LVP Refinisher for a leather furniture restoration project. Among the pieces refinished is a 100-year-old horse-hair stuffed leather chair used by his grandfather when he was a judge in Aspen, CO. Harry remembers sitting in that chair as a youth, while his grandfather gave him lectures on life. We at ColorBond are honored he trusted our products for use on something that has so much sentimental value.

Harry’s Grandfather’s Chair – Refinished with ColorBond LVP Refinisher

Harry had reason to trust ColorBond. You see he has the hobby (he calls it a sickness, LOL) of restoring vintage Porsches and Mercedes Benz’s, and has used ColorBond in the process. He originally discovered ColorBond while shopping online, and after researching, was sold on the great color selection and the short 45 second dry-time. Harry says he has used leather dye as well as another leather paint brand in the past, but ColorBond bonds much better to the leather. After his experience with the automotive restorations, he decided ColorBond would be perfect for furniture restoration.

Chair and Ottoman – After Using ColorBond

“It’s the best leather paint I’ve ever used” says Harry. For preparation, Harry simply cleaned the leather with lacquer thinner and then painted it with LVP Refinisher. “The results look great! I love it” he exclaims. Harry tells us replacing the two leather chairs and leather couch with duplicates would have cost about $10,000. Yet, ColorBond only cost about $500-$600 for the furniture restoration project.

Couch and Chair – After

What an awesome furniture restoration project. We are pleased to be a part of it!

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