Car Interior Restoration - Upholstery Paint Changes '79 Camaro – Colorbond Paint

Car Interior Restoration – Awesome Color Change of a 1979 Camaro Using ColorBond

July 8, 2021


Brent Wallace is an enthusiast of GM’s F-Body cars and took on a project restoring and modifying his 1979 Camaro. Originally a Sport Coupe model with a V6, Brent went about replacing the engine with a Chevy 350 crate motor and performed a few other modifications. Included in the project was a car interior restoration; The Camaro came from the factory with a light blue interior, and although a fan of blue, Brent didn’t like this particular shade. It was decided to convert the interior to black.

Knowing an aftermarket replacement interior would cost thousands of dollars, Brent looked into other options. That’s when he discovered ColorBond LVP Refinisher.

Camaro Restoration Process

The car interior restoration started with removing the interior, cleaning it, and performing light wet sanding to smooth hard plastic interior trim pieces that had crazed because of oxidation. He finished the preparation by applying ColorBond Adhesion Promoter. Brent then sprayed ColorBond LVP Refinisher in black to recolor the seats, dash, door panels, console, headliner, visors, and other interior trim pieces. The result was fantastic.

“My biggest fear before using ColorBond was that there might be differences in sheen between parts that were sprayed, or that a part might appear mottled because of inconsistent sheen. Which often happens with spray paints.” Said Brent. “However, the paint went on great, and the finish was consistent on each part, with the sheen always appearing the same. I’ve tried other auto interior paints that didn’t turn out well. I might as well have used regular spray paint.” Brent laughs.

Before (right) and After (left)

Brent completed the job a few years ago and says the ColorBond looks great and held up well. Even on areas such as the seat side bolsters, which receive high wear from getting in and out of the car, the ColorBond was still looking great.

Brent used 12 cans of LVP Refinisher and a can of Adhesion Promoter for a total cost of $220.00. Far less than the thousands of dollars an aftermarket restoration interior would have cost!

Great job on the car interior restoration, Brent!

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