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Common Applications for Vinyl Spray Paint

September 22, 2022


Vinyl spray paint can be your savior when it comes to repairing, restoring, or restyling vinyl. Rather than replacing or reupholstering the item; paint it. This is especially beneficial when you want to retain the original vinyl, as with a vintage vinyl car seat or something that would be hard to replace. Vinyl paint is an easy and effective way to renew the appearance of the vinyl or completely change the color. Our customers have brought to our attention these common applications for vinyl spray paint. All projects were performed using ColorBond LVP

ColorBond LVP – Leather, Vinyl and Plastic Paint

ColorBond LVP is a paint formulated for use on leather, vinyl, and plastic. It is easy to use, bonds strongly to vinyl and provides a beautiful durable finish that doesn’t crack or peel. ColorBond LVP is flexible to move with the surface and it makes your vinyl items look new. ColorBond LVP is used by professionals, as well as novices for DIY projects.

Taking time to properly prepare the vinyl before painting is important. ColorBond offers Prep Cleaner to remove dirt, grease, oils, and other contaminants. Of note, if painting hard plastic ColorBond Adhesion Promoter needs to be used.

  1. Vinyl Furniture

Permanent stains on vinyl furniture can be hidden with ColorBond LVP.

Vinyl Upholstered Bed Frame

Bond customer Leslie S. says: “I used this paint to cover an ecru color, nail polish stained bed frame of PU/fake leather. It worked beautifully. It cost about $150 to redo this king size bed frame. That’s better than buying a new one for $1500!”

Vinyl Bar Stools

Common applications for vinyl spray paint include restyling furniture.

Maria N. Said “Used the Ford, camel color to change the color of our vinyl counter stools. Worked great and is holding up well.”

Vinyl Patio Furniture

Vinyl patio furniture is often exposed to sunlight, which causes fading. ColorBond LVP renews the appearance.

ColorBond Seat Stylin in #136 Bombastic Blue was used with gorgeous results on this patio furniture set. Seat Stylin’ has the same formulation as ColorBond LVP, so it too works great on leather, vinyl, and plastic. With a little elbow grease and use of ColorBond, these homeowners restored their vinyl patio furniture as a do-it-yourself project.

    2. Vinyl Boat Upholstery

Rather than spending significant money on replacement, boat upholstery can be renewed with ColorBond LVP.

The upholstery of Larry’s 25’ Pro-Line Walk Around Cuddy Cabin was stained from mold. He learned replacing the seat cushions would have cost $1,500.00 to $2,000.00 to replace, so he decided to restore the cushions using ColorBond LVP vinyl spray paint. A far less expensive option.

Once masking off the teal and blue trim on the seats, which wasn’t stained, he applied 4 coats of ColorBond LVP boat interior paint in #105 Cuddy White. Allowing dry time between each coat. Overall, 4 cans of ColorBond were used at a cost of $93.40, plus a bottle of ColorBond Prep Cleaner at $6.95. Compare that to replacing the cushions at $1,500.00 to $2,000.00! Larry hadn’t installed them in his boat yet but sent us photos of the finished cushions. They’re gorgeous!

    3. Vinyl Golf Cart Upholstery

Roger S. told us about his Golf Cart project: “This is my 2011 Yamaha Drive.  It probably doesn’t look like it was much of a project, but I removed all the front-end suspension and steering components and painted them.  I also painted the frame, bumpers, side kick panels, trunk tub and rear access panel.  And of course, I refinished the seats and rear armrests/cupholders using ColorBond LVP.  I can assure you that I will be using more ColorBond products in the future for the hard plastics.   The competitor’s product didn’t turn out as nice as ColorBond LVP.”

    4. Vinyl Car Interiors

ColorBond LVP is frequently used to restore vinyl car interiors with great results.

Al Hale recently restored a 1971 Pontiac LeMans Sport and as part of the project used ColorBond LVP vinyl spray paint to change the interior color. After cleaning the interior with Prep Cleaner, Al took an extra step and applied ColorBond Adhesion Promoter to all the surfaces that would be painted. Adhesion Promoter provides a primer like base that ties the surface and paint together with a strong molecular bond. As a result, Adhesion Promoter prevents flaking, cracking, and peeling. Though we don’t recommend using it on vinyl, but rather on hard plastic, Al said it really makes the paint bite. Next Al sprayed a light coat of ColorBond LVP, followed by another 2-3 coats that became heavier as they progressed.

“LVP Refinisher is a great product and I recommend it to everyone” says Al. “I wouldn’t use anything else.”

     5. Vinyl Convertible Tops

While painting a convertible top with vinyl spray paint is not a very common application, it shows what ColorBond LVP can do.

Steve Chopko is now a ColorBond believer. He’s the owner of The Dye Guy, a company he founded in 2007 which specializes in reconditioning and repairing leather, vinyl, and plastic. A few years ago, a customer asked him to change the top of his Jaguar XK8 from tan to black. Though at first hesitant to paint the top with vinyl spray paint, he quickly became a believer in ColorBond LVP.

Steve says: “The job took about four hours including prep, cleaning, and masking. The ColorBond paint was quick and easy to apply. It dried quickly – so the turnaround time between coats was amazing. I applied three coats, which used about a quart of concentrate. It was so easy and there were literally no challenges with using the ColorBond LVP. After I was done I simply un-taped the car and it was ready to go. No other work was required. I’m now totally confident in ColorBond upholstery paint and will use it again!”

ColorBond LVP can be your savior when it comes to repairing, restoring, or restyling vinyl. We’d love to hear from you about your common applications for vinyl spray paint. Do you have a project you’d like to share? Please let us know at

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