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How to Refurbish a Car or Truck with ColorBond

September 8, 2022


Whether you want to refurbish the cosmetics of your car or truck because you are selling it, or just because you want to renew it for your own enjoyment, ColorBond has you covered. ColorBond offers a variety of products to improve appearance, as well as resale value. Check out how you can refurbish a car or truck with ColorBond.

ColorBond LVP

ColorBond LVP is a paint for leather, vinyl and plastic that looks great, and importantly, will not flake, scratch, or peel with proper surface preparation. ColorBond LVP can be used restore, renew, and restyle seats, door panels, dashboards, consoles, steering wheels, carpets and other leather, vinyl, and plastic interior trim. The paint is used by professionals and do-it-yourself vehicle owners with amazing results. ColorBond LVP offers an economical alternative to replacing interior components and is a perfect way how to refurbish a car or truck.

  1. Seats

ColorBond customer “John J.” reports: “The color match on of ColorBond LVP was EXACT. Normally you would have to paint an entire section or “feather” the color into an area, but that wasn’t necessary because the color was an exact match. I was able to spray a portion of the rear bolster and you can’t tell where the spray ends, and the original color starts. I ordered ColorBond LVP in OEM certified color #1875 Infiniti Wheat, and it was the dead-on match. Overall, the difference is astounding, the paint is durable and is not coming off at all. The interior is back to looking great!.”

2. Consoles

I used the BMW Black paint to refresh my BMW E46’s center console plastic trim as I didn’t feel like spending $200 on a new piece.” Says Irek G. “I am very impressed how closely it matches with other pieces of the console, including the brand-new cup holder piece! Very good product!”

3. Door Panels

J Roberts says: “ColorBond LVP is a GREAT product! I ordered one can to try on my heavily faded Jeep TJ door panels. The ColorBond OEM correct color #163 Chrysler Agate paint was an exact match to the original color. This vehicle spends 8 months a year with the top down baking in the California sun. So, at 16 years old, all the interior plastics and dash panels are faded. The door cards were by far the worst, so I started with those. I’m elated with the result and will be ordering a few more cans to do the rest of the interior.

4. Carpets

ColorBond offers a few products for that work great on nylon carpeting. Whether you use Carpet Refinisher, Carpet Stylin’, or ColorBond, ColorBond is the perfect car carpet paint to refurbish a car or truck. While all three products use the same formulation, and work and look great on carpeting, we developed Carpet Stylin’ and Carpet Refinisher to help customers easily identify our car carpet paints and select the colors most used.

Carpet Refinisher, Carpet Stylin’ and ColorBond LVP are great solutions for restoring stained and worn carpeting. Offering a cost saving alternative to carpet replacement, the paints are durable, and carpet is left feeling soft and natural after painting. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for new carpeting ColorBond carpet paint can make your existing carpet look new.

What differentiates our car carpet paints is color availability. Carpet Refinisher comes in Black, Taupe, Light Gray, Dark Gray and Crimson. Carpet Restylin’ gets wild and offers Bombastic Blue, Chrome Yellow, Competition Red and Skid Mark Black. ColorBond LVP has over 205 colors available to refurbish a car or truck. Including OEM correct colors for many makes of vehicles.

“I chose #1869 BMW Luez Cinnamon Brown, based on others’ pictures and reviews of this color, to match the old carpet in my Fiat X1/9.” Says Dox. “I’m massively impressed with the color, application, coverage, and general look of the paint. The carpet is still soft, and it seems to have really absorbed into the carpet. One can covered this two-seater small car’s carpet. It looks really great.”

5. Exterior Trim

ColorBond’s Pro Tech Trim Color was created to restore exterior trim and is great for wheel flairs, mirrors, window trim, door trim, and bumpers. Black #622 is often used since it’s the perfect choice for plastic mirror, door, and bumper trim. ColorBond Pro Tech Trim Color auto trim paint provides a beautiful, durable, and long-lasting finish, and is perfect for those wanting to easily refurbish a car or truck with excellent results.

Charles H. says: “I am in the process of bringing a CRX back to life after sitting for 3+ years applying the trim paint. I am very pleased with the results of Pro Tech Trim Color this point. The finish of this paint returned the trim to what I would describe as the OEM when the vehicle was new. I would not describe it as glossy, but it has just enough gloss to look new.

ColorBond Refurbishes Inside and Out

If you are restoring your vehicle, ColorBond products are a great way how to refurbish a car or truck inside and out. ColorBond can improve the appearance, as well as the resale value of your vehicle.