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Most Popular Cars for Restoration with ColorBond LVP

September 1, 2022


The list of cars being restored these days is growing by leaps and bounds. From prewar American classics to 1990’s Japanese sport compact cars, if there is interest, restorations are being performed. At ColorBond, our customers often tell us about the cars and trucks they are restoring using ColorBond LVP. These DIY enthusiasts have used our leather, vinyl, and plastic paint to refinish and restore their seats, dashboards, door panels, consoles, and other interior trim with fantastic and economical results. ColorBond offers 205 OEM certified colors, so users can easily find an exact match to the original interior, a color that comes close, or a completely different color for a whole new look. Of the projects our customers tell us about we’ve noticed trends in the makes and models that are most often restored with ColorBond LVP. Here are what we see as the most popular cars for restoration.

  1. Chevrolet Corvette

The Chevrolet Corvette is one of the most popular cars for restoration with ColorBond LVP. A great example is Ed Iverson who gave his Corvette C5 interior a unique look by using #1869 OEM BMW Luez Cinnamon Brown. Ed enthused ColorBond LVP helped him successfully transform his tired and dated interior into a custom modern cockpit. Overall, he used four cans of ColorBond LVP, a bottle of Prep Cleaner, and a can of Adhesion Promoter for a complete interior makeover at a cost of only $120.00! Compare that to the average price of “synthetic leather” seat covers at $250 per pair, or real leather seat covers at $400 plus per pair, and then with only a few color options available. Ed says: “I’m not that good at math, but even I can see that the savings, combined with my ability to choose from over 180 colors, adds up to ColorBond being the clear choice! Thank you for providing such an easy-to-use product line that even a novice DIY enthusiast can achieve professional results with!”

If you want to see more about Ed’s project check out this post.

2. Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang is one of the most popular cars for restoration. Check out this 2016 Mustang GT project done by ColorBond customer “Voo Doo Daddy”. He told us that in 2012 he saw a pearl White Mustang GT with an “Ox Blood Red” leather interior. He thought it looked fantastic and wanted that color leather in his car. Voo Doo Daddy was thinking of having his seats re-covered in red leather, but a local shop wanted $1,500 for materials and labor. So, he decided to paint his leather seats from black to red using #064 GM Crimson. “I love the look and I love the fact that it took $120-$150 in materials, and only a few hours of my time.” he says.

You can see details about the project from start to finish here.

3. BMW 3 Series

Among the most popular cars for restoration we see are BMW 3 Series. Andrea Garcia’s 2007 BMW 328i was a ColorBond SEMA Feature Vehicle at the 2019 SEMA Show and is a great example of totally restyling the interior using ColorBond LVP. Andrea was thinking about reupholstering the leather seats with custom leather covers, but that was an expensive option. An upholstery specialist she knew recommended ColorBond LVP. She had never heard of upholstery paint and was skeptical that it would work. The specialist explained ColorBond LVP would give the leather a like new appearance that would be hard to tell isn’t the actual leather.” The seats, door panels, console lid and emergency brake lever boot were painted using three different colors. Only four cans of paint were needed, which equates to a 2022 adjusted cost of only $94.00.  Andrea says: “I had a good experience with ColorBond. The project was fun! At the SEMA Show the interior got lots of compliments and people were wondering if I had installed a custom leather interior. They couldn’t tell the difference!”

See Andrea’s full article and more photos here.

4.  Porsche 911

Believe it or not, Porsche 911 is one of the most popular cars for restoration with ColorBond LVP. Owners are getting great and durable results doing the project themselves. The paint sprays on easily and the finish quality looks natural with the original interior. Michael Murphy started using ColorBond LVP professionally 13 years ago after he saw the leather paint being demonstrated at a mobile tech convention. “ColorBond was demonstrating the product by painting a leather jacket and then having people try to scratch it.” says Michael. “I was very impressed! I couldn’t feel where the paint was.” Later, Michael purchased a 2001 Porsche Boxster with a destroyed interior. After replacing the interior with that from a salvage yard it was painted with #098 Chevrolet Vette Red. “The paint has excellent coverage and opacity. It doesn’t have to be put on in thick coats. So, the original surface texture is retained. The results look like the original factory finish.” Michael concludes.

See more photos of Michael’s Porsche here.

So, there it is. We see the Corvette, Mustang, BMW 3 Series, and Porsche 911 as the most popular cars for restoration with ColorBond LVP. What car or truck are you restoring with ColorBond LVP? Let us know at