They Didn’t Know if it was ColorBond or the Actual Leather!

Posted on November 21 2019

They Didn’t Know if it was ColorBond or the Actual Leather!


We were pleased to present Andrea Garcia's 2007 BMW 328i as a ColorBond SEMA Feature Vehicle at the 2019 SEMA Show. Andrea did a great job restyling the car and used ColorBond LVP Refinisher upholstery paint to customize the interior.

Andrea purchased her car in 2015 and after just a year of ownership started to customize it. She began with the paint, which used to be dark blue metallic, and resprayed the car in a medium blue gloss. Over the years, customization continued and in 2019 she focused on the interior.

“I wanted to restyle the interior of the car and was thinking on reupholstering the leather seats with custom leather covers. It would have cost several thousand dollars. Then I learned about ColorBond from a mobile automotive interior specialist. I had never before heard of upholstery paint and was skeptical that it would work. But he had much experience using ColorBond and explained the product would give the leather a like new appearance that will be hard to tell isn’t the actual leather surface.” Says Andrea.

Andrea had the mobile technician paint the seats, door panels, console lid and emergency brake lever boot with ColorBond LVP Refinisher. Three different colors were used to obtain an impressive, unique look. As preparation for the upholstery paint, the interior received an extensive cleaning. Only four cans of LVP Refinisher, totaling $66.00, were needed to complete the job.

“I had a good experience with ColorBond. The project was fun! At the SEMA Show the interior got lots of compliments and people were wondering if I had installed a custom leather interior. They couldn’t tell the difference!” Andrea concludes.

Congratulations to Andrea on the excellent results she achieved. We are pleased she chose ColorBond to restyle her interior and proud to have her BMW as a ColorBond SEMA Feature Vehicle.

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