Peterbilt Truck Interior Restoration Using ColorBond Automotive Interi – Colorbond Paint

Peterbilt Truck Interior Restoration Using ColorBond Automotive Interior Paint

December 6, 2018


This is the first segment in our coverage of the interior restoration of Paul Williamson’s 1981 Peterbilt Cab Over 362. As a truck enthusiast and previous professional truck driver, Paul decided to purchase and restore the truck. Paul tells us “Blue Bird Corporation (manufacturers of buses and RV’s) owned it since new and appears to be in the USA division until 1990. Then it came to Blue Bird in Ontario, Canada until 2013 when it was sold to a man who stored it in a barn with the intent to restore it. He never did and I purchased it this past Spring and began the restoration.

“Over the years mice ruined the fabric portions of the vinyl and fabric interior.” Says Paul. “The vinyl portion, however, was intact and salvageable. Since we were unable to get fabric in the original color, we decided it was OK to change the interior to a custom color. So, the fabric was replaced with a non-OEM specific material and then along with the vinyl was painted with ColorBond LVP Refinisher car interior paint. We went with a pewter color.”

Paul went on to say he had previous experience using automotive interior paint on carpet. “It turned out really bad and made the carpet very hard. Based on this and having no previous experience with ColorBond paint we were concerned the Peterbilt interior wouldn’t turn out right.” Paul continues.

“So, we bought only two cans of pewter color and did one panel to see how it went. It looked great and the paint was very pliable and supple! I showed it to an interior restoration professional who couldn’t believe it had been painted! So, now we are now getting more paint to finish the interior. By the way, it was great dealing with ColorBond and Malcolm Johnson. The customer service was excellent!” Paul concludes.  

Painting Car Interior Tips

Of note, for preparation before painting, Paul says he cleaned the vinyl with a citrus based solvent to remove glue residue, washed it with soap and water, and then used ColorBond Prep Cleaner before painting.

We really like the theme of this restoration and are looking forward to bringing you further developments as they become available.

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Vinyl Interior Panel – Before Repair and Repainting


Vinyl Interior Panel – After Repair and Painting with ColorBond LVP Refinisher

1981 Peterbilt Cab Over 362 – Before Restoration