ColorBond Auto Upholstery Paint Restyling Projects – Top Results for 2018

January 8, 2019

In 2018, many ColorBond customers sent photos of the results of their ColorBond projects. While all were all excellent, we feel the following were the most impressive:

Lilith Garcia – 2014 VW Jetta

Lilith Garcia restyled the interior of her 2014 Volkswagen Jetta show car using LVP Refinisher auto upholstery paint with amazing results. The car was later a feature vehicle at the 2018 SEMA Show in Las Vegas.

Using BMW Burgundy #257, she painted the door panel inserts, arm rests, shift knob trim, stereo/ventilation system control panel, center storage compartment, and all protective plastics covers that fit in the cup holders and door recesses. Five cans of LVP Refinisher were used to paint these components – a total of only $82.45 for an incredible transformation! Since ColorBond is so easy to apply, the work was performed by Lilith, rather than a professional.

“The paint was easy to apply evenly and dried in 45 seconds. Because the parts I was spraying were black, it made the Burgundy colored ColorBond auto upholstery Paint appear a little dark with just one coat. So, I applied 2-3 coats and it lightened to just the color I wanted.” Says Lilith.

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Craig Jensen – 1993 Cadillac Fleetwood

Craig Jensen is an automotive enthusiast who wanted to transform the interior of his 1993 Cadillac Fleetwood Low Rider from blue to white. Using ColorBond auto upholstery paint the outcome was incredible!

Craig used twenty-five cans of ColorBond LVP Refinisher in Cutty White #105 seats, door panels and sun visors, and five cans of ColorBond Carpet Stylin’ in Skid Mark Black for the carpet, headliner and rear parcel shelf.

“Once I got started, I was surprised how easy it was. I’m really happy with the results and all the compliments I’ve gotten so far. I can punch and twist the soft panels and the paint just doesn’t come off. It was a fun process. I’d totally do it again.” Comments Craig.

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Team Witt Customs – 1977 Cadillac Eldorado

Team Witt Customs just performed an awesome interior restoration on a 1977 Cadillac Eldorado using ColorBond car interior paint. The car originally had white seats, which the vehicle’s owner transplanted into another El Dorado in his collection. He then provided Team Witt with a donor brown leather interior that he wanted refinished in the same crimson color that was originally used with the 1977 Eldorado.

Using ColorBond LVP Refinisher in GM Crimson #64, an exact match to the OEM color used with the 1977 Eldorado, Team Witt repainted the seats and armrests. As you can see, the results are amazing!

“It dried in 60 seconds and it looked great! We were sold! Before the Eldorado restoration, we had used ColorBond for painting small interior areas on other projects. With the Eldorado, it was the first time we sprayed all the whole interior. ColorBond was very easy and simple to use. It went on evenly and it turned out beautifully! The color came out pretty good, I think.” States Nikki Witt.

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Carlos Medrano – 2013 Honda Civic Si

Carlos Medrano has used ColorBond on two different occasions to restyle the interior of his 2013 Honda Civic Si show car. The results of the restyling earned Carlos the ColorBond CLeo Award in 2016 and 2018.

The interior that was originally teal and black and was transformed to a stunning white. While some parts of the interior were reupholstered in white vinyl, the hard-plastic surfaces were refinished with ColorBond LVP Refinisher.

“We had pulled 100% of the interior out of the Civic. The only thing left was the handbrake. This was an extensive restyle and everything was going to be professionally wrapped in vinyl – the seats, dash, door panels, hard-plastic trim, and the trunk. As well we were going to replace the carpet and floormats with vinyl. The original estimate from an upholstery shop came to $8,000. That was way too much money. So, we decided to just upholster parts of the console, rear seats, trunk, as well as replace the carpet and floor mats with vinyl. That reduced the price at the upholsterer to about $4,500, which saved us about $3,500. The rest of the interior I painted with ColorBond. I covered a lot of area and went through 30 cans of paint, which is about $495. Originally, I thought I would paint about 30% of the interior. Instead I painted about 85% of it. So, instead of upholstering the panels for $3,500, I painted them for $495!” Says Carlos

“I was concerned about whether the paint would hold up from the abuse, and if it would get scratched, but it’s held up amazingly well. I never thought it would hold up this good.” Carlos concludes.

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Roger – Chevrolet Tahoe

Roger is a vehicle owner who installed used interior components in his Chevrolet Tahoe, and trusted ColorBond LVP Refinisher to refinish and color match both the original newly installed trim pieces to gray. The results are stunning.

“This was a “utility, plain Jane, vehicle” no carpets, no center console, no rear panels, Blue cloth door panels with wind up windows. It took almost a year to locate all the necessary interior parts from various junk yards. The complete interior was stripped out and refinished. I worked for over a year in my garage spraying each and every part gray. Looks like a new SUV now.” Says Roger.

Roger saved quite a bit of money refurbishing his SUV. In what would’ve cost $850 to replace professionally cost Roger less than $100 to do himself.

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We would like to thank all those that submitted photos and descriptions of their projects, and congratulations on jobs well done.

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