Auto Interior Repair Productivity and Profit Increase for JM Interiors – Colorbond Paint

Auto Interior Repair Productivity and Profit Increase for JM Interiors

January 29, 2020


Jacob Ramirez, owner of JM Interiors in San Diego CA, credits ColorBond with helping increase his auto interior repair productivity and profit. As a business that serves new and used car dealerships repairing and reconditioning auto interiors, ColorBond plays a big role in their day-to-day activities.

“I was working for an auto interior repair franchise in the early 1990’s and was tasked with researching new products that would help us improve the quality of our work” says Jacob. “At the time we were using both water based and solvent based products to recolor the interior. The issue with the solvent-based products we were familiar with was that the coating would be stiff and have a thick film layer. This would often crack and peel. The problem with the water-based products was that the pigments were not stable. The color would look correct when applied, but once dry, the color would often change. Plus, the drying time of the water-based products was very long.”

When Jacob opened JM Interiors in 1998, he was still actively searching for a solvent-based interior paint that would perform better. “Then I came across ColorBond. At first, I thought it was just a knock off of an existing solvent based interior paint, but then I saw a product demonstration at SEMA and was impressed. It went on in a thin coat, yet the pigment was very strong, so it had excellent coverage” continues Jacob. “So, I decided to try a long-term test of ColorBond LVP Refinisher. I used it on my own vehicle and the results were great. I then observed how it wore over a few-month period and it was fine. So, I decided to start using it with my business.”

Jacob soon found use of ColorBond increased job quality, productivity and profits. “No one can tell the difference between the original finish and the ColorBond finish. The pigments are very strong, and only one or two coats are needed for excellent coverage. Less product is used, and the job is done quicker. Our productivity went up 70% and that means a substantial increase in profit.” Jacob extolls.

When asked what advice he would offer to professional users of ColorBond Jacob said “Trust your color, when it changes it’s good, there is no need to keep applying additional coats. Since the pigment is being transferred to the surface without a large amount of carrying medium, like other solvent based interior paints, the film layer can be thin. Which uses less product, takes less time to apply, and avoids cracking and peeling. Also, I prefer to use LVP Refinisher in concentrate form applied with a spray gun. This way I can perfectly match the color to the rest of the interior while compensating for any fading that may have occurred over time. Also use of concentrates is more economical for professional use.” Jacob concludes.

Maserati interior before use of ColorBond

Looking like new after repainting with ColorBond LVP Refinisher. Replacement of the upholstery would have cost thousands!

Scratched Range Rover console lid. Unfortunately Range Rover doesn’t offer the lid separately, only a complete console at $3,500!

Jacob refinished the console lid with ColorBond. Saving thousands of dollars in comparison to replacing the console!

Thanks again to Jacob Ramirez for spending time discussing how ColorBond improved his auto interior repair productivity and profit.

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