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Carpet Refinisher Carpet Paint Makes Stained Carpets Look New

February 6, 2020


Auto carpeting can easily become soiled, especially in the winter when snow and mud are carried in on your shoes. It seems no matter how hard you try it eventually collects stains which diminish its looks. Sometimes cleaning will remove the stains, but other times they are permanent. For those who are interested in maintaining the appearance of their interior, replacing permanently stained carpet may seem like the only option. An expensive option indeed.

If you want to replace the carpet yourself, a typical aftermarket replacement carpet kit will run about $200-$500. A carpet kit from an original equipment manufacturer will cost about twice that. If the job is performed by a professional the materials will run approximately $400 to $1,000 plus another $600 to $800 for labor for and a total of about $1,000 to $1800. The costs, if you were to want a customized design, could be as much as $2,500.

However, with ColorBond Carpet Refinisher carpet paint you can recolor the carpeting yourself at a fraction of the cost of replacing it. Carpet Refinisher, an easy-to-use aerosol car carpet paint, is the perfect solution to restore soiled and worn carpeting and delivers professional results in no time. Typically, three cans of Carpet Refinisher are needed to recolor a carpet set. That’s a total of $49.47. As opposed to hundreds or thousands of dollars.

ColorBond Carpet Refinisher carpet paint is easy to apply and dries in minutes. Follow these basic steps to bring your car’s carpets back to life:

  • For best results, remove the carpet from the vehicle
  • Lay carpet out in a well-ventilated area
  • Thoroughly clean the carpet and let it completely dry
  • Apply paint in short, light passes in multiple layers. Don’t saturate.
  • Paint will completely dry in 30 minutes

If you follow these simple steps your carpets will look new and feel soft.

Carpet Refinisher can also be used to recolor headliners and fabric seats at a huge savings as opposed to the cost of replacement.

For just the headliner material, a typical four-door sedan will cost about $100, whereas an SUV or minivan will cost about $250.  As for professional installation, it’s best to double this rate, meaning a four-door sedan will cost about $200+ for a new headliner professionally installed or about $500 for a professional to install a new headliner in a larger vehicle or specialty car.  This would include the materials and professional rate. With Carpet Refinisher approximately three cans of the carpet paint are required to recolor the headliner. A total of $49.47 as opposed to $500.

Having fabric car seats professionally reupholstered, that is completely replacing the old material with a chosen fabric and adding foam or batting where needed, typically costs $200-$750 per seat. Again, approximately two cans of Carpet Refinisher would be required at a cost of $32.98. A huge savings!

With ColorBond Carpet Refinisher stained and faded carpets, headliners and fabric seats can be restored to original, or the color changed, at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

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