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Miata Customization Project Using ColorBond

October 21, 2021


Carlos Medrano is no stranger to ColorBond. Having used our products in the past on his show winning cars, he didn’t hesitate to use LVP Refinisher on Project Mia, his current Miata customization project. Carlos’ cars have previously been displayed in the ColorBond booth at the SEMA Show, and the Miata will be featured at SEMA in the VIP Section this year.

The 2018 Mazda Miata is Carlos’ daughter’s car, and among that which is being addressed for the Miata customization project is the interior; it’s being changed from black to red.

Miata Customization: Interior components refinished with LVP Refinisher

We can’t wait to see further developments on this project! We’ll bring you more Miata customization more as it is completed, so check back on the ColorBond blog for more!

In 2016 and 2018 Carlos’ creations were displayed in the ColorBond SEMA booth. During those years Carlos was the recipient of the ColorBond CLEO Award. The award recognized individuals who showed excellence utilizing ColorBond car interior paint to restore, or restyle, the interior of any type of automobile. The CLeo was established in 2014 to honor Mr. Leo Kagan who was responsible for moving the SEMA Show in 1977 from Anaheim, California to its current location in Las Vegas. Since Leo’s passing in 2020 the annual award has been retired.

In 2016, the Fourth Annual CLeo Award was presented to Carlos for the fantastic interior transformation of his 2013 Honda Civic Si. It went from black and gray to teal, white and wow! Carlos color-matched the ColorBond to his teal vinyl seat inserts and then it was applied to the hard-plastic interior surfaces. Including the console, dash and door panels. 

Carlos Medrano winning the 2016 ColorBond CLeo Award

In 2018 Carlos again transformed his Civic with the help of ColorBond LVP Refinisher. As you can see, it turned out incredibly well and the colors go together beautifully. The interior that had been teal and black and had been transformed to a stunning white.

“Thank you for the opportunity that ColorBond gave me. It was a pleasure and honor to represent the company once again. And the icing on the cake is being the proud recipient of the CLeo award for a second time. It’s priceless.” stated Carlos.

Carlos winning the 2018 ColorBond Cleo Award

Calos is transforming his Civic once again using ColorBond, and it too will be displayed at this year’s SEMA Show. Here is a teaser photo:

Excellent creativity Carlos! You can see the finished cars at this year’s SEMA Show.

Check back for the progress of Carlos’ Miata customization labor of love. Project Mia.

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