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Common Applications for Leather Spray Paint

August 24, 2022


Leather spray paint has many uses, from restoring the original appearance of leather, to completely changing the color for a whole new look. The number of applications for leather spray paint are seemingly endless, check out these everyday items that were restored, renewed, and restyled with ColorBond LVP.

What is ColorBond LVP?

ColorBond LVP makes it easy to refurbish leather, vinyl, and plastic. Originally, developed in the 1990’s for use with automobiles, ColorBond LVP leather spray paint quickly showed its value in other areas including motorcycles, boats, furniture, and fashion. The leather spray paint is designed to bond strongly with leather as well as vinyl and plastic. It’s durable and is flexible, so it won’t crack or peel. The high-quality finish makes leather items look like new. ColorBond LVP is used by professionals, as well as by novices for do-it-yourself projects.

ColorBond LVP on Leather Furniture

ColorBond LVP is the perfect leather spray paint for restoration of leather couches, chairs, ottomans, and other leather furniture. Rather than spending a lot of money reupholstering or replacing furniture, ColorBond LVP can make it look great at a fraction of the cost.

Kathy W says: “Matched my 20-year-old sofa perfect. Covered my worn-out spot perfectly. Easy to use. Very durable. Can’t even see the wear and tear on my leather sofa. Love the new look.”

Professional furniture restorers love ColorBond LVP too.  ColorBond user Buzz Williams, owner of The Fixer, a mobile upholstery repair business says: “I use ColorBond LVP to refinish leather and vinyl and ColorBond is at least equal to or better than modern furniture finishes. With ColorBond the number of reworks and call backs to redo the job have been reduced dramatically. Which increases customer satisfaction and profit.”

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ColorBond LVP on Leather Car Seats

ColorBond LVP was formulated to look great while providing excellent durability in high wear situations, making it an excellent choice for car and truck interiors. Over 205 OEM Certified colors are offered for automobiles, boats and motorcycles, and thousands of vehicles have been painted with ColorBond LVP with great results.

Ken S. had an unfortunate incident with a dog stroller left on the leather back seat of his Infiniti Q40. It was a hot day and black pigment in the tires stained the leather, leaving permanent damage. Ken said he used ColorBond LVP in an OEM correct Infiniti color, which blended flawlessly and look and feel of the original leather. He saved quite a bit of money too; Replacing the rear seat cover would have easily cost $2,000, but a can of ColorBond LVP was only $23.35, plus twenty minutes time to clean the leather and apply the paint.

Fabio L. wanted to change up the interior of his BMW and did just that with ColorBond LVP. Applying LVP in red to the dash, seats and door panels took this interior from sedate to wow! Fabio says the do-it-yourself project took a day to complete.

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ColorBond LVP on Leather Jackets and Accessories

Leather jackets, belts, purses, shoes, and other fashion items can be repaired, renewed, and restyled with ColorBond LVP. With over 205 colors available, there is sure to be a leather spray paint hue that will be just right for your project.


Alexander J. gave his leather riding gear a whole new look with ColorBond LVP.

ColorBond LVP on Leather RV Upholstery

The growing interest of road trips and adventure vacations are making RV’s more popular than ever. Restoring and restyling RV’s is popular as well and ColorBond offers an easy and economical way to refurbish not only leather, but vinyl and plastic too.

Isa M. says: So, we live in a motorhome and it’s 20 plus years old. Our couch ended up with a big hole in the leather and I decided instead of paying $675.00 I was quoted to fix it; I would fix it myself. So, I patched it with repair compound and then came the issue of painting it, so it didn’t look like an obvious repair job. The pictures show where I started after the bonding and then after I painted it. Amazing color match, the couch looks brand new. Just upped the resale value!

ColorBond LVP is Easy and Economical

The number of applications for leather spray paint are seemingly endless. ColorBond LVP is a simple, easy, and economical way to restore, renew, and restyle leather furniture, leather jackets and accessories, leather RV upholstery and more. If you have a ColorBond LVP project you would like to share with us, please send photos and a brief description to We’d love to see it!