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Ford Truck Interior Paint Transforms Classic F-150

November 12, 2021


Chris Hollerback has owned his 1995 Ford F-150 for 15 years. It wan’t used often, just to haul things around as needed. So, he decided to give the truck to his 13-year-old grandson when he becomes of age, and decided performing a restoration project together in the interim would be a great way to spend time. As well, it would give his grandson a sense of ownership of the vehicle. Chris started by restoring the interior, and a big part of that was use of ColorBond Ford truck interior paint in OEM colors.

The interior of the truck had become sunbaked over the years and received a lot of wear and tear. The dash had cracked, and the kick panels and other interior trim pieces were in bad shape too. So, it was decided to refresh the interior with Ford truck interior paint.

Ford Truck Interior Restoration

Chris originally considered a replacement dash but discovered it was hard to find new units in the box and junkyard dashes were usually in bad condition. So, he opted to restore his dash pad by repairing and smoothing over the crack, and then recovering it with vinyl. As he wanted to color match the vinyl to the OEM interior color, Chris looked online to find the correct Ford truck interior paint, and that’s when he found ColorBond LVP Refinisher. 

After checking out ColorBond’s Ford OEM correct colors, Chris found there wasn’t an exact color match for his ’95 F-150. So, he chose a Ford OEM color that he liked more. Among the parts refinished with ColorBond were the dash, door panels, A-pillar covers, kick panels and the bezel that surrounds the 2-DIN stereo and rear camera which were installed to modernize the truck. Chris also used ColorBond in Ford Black to refinish the vents, and trim strip on the dash.

“ColorBond had great online reviews saying it was easy to use, durable and came in factory correct colors” says Chris. “I emailed a question and was amazed that it was answered by the company CEO, Malcolm Johnson himself. ColorBond’s customer service is impressive!”.

Of note, when Chris started the project, he cleaned the parts with Windex and thought they were as clean as could be. Then he tried ColorBond Prep Cleaner and was surprised by how much cleaner they became, getting dirt out of all the fine creases in the leather-like grain pattern of the plastic.

Chris says he was was extremely impressed with the ColorBond process, and that the Ford truck interior paint dried within 45 seconds. Other brands required 24 hours to dry thoroughly. Chris was also pleased with how strongly the paint bonded to the surface.

“With just a little elbow grease, care and imagination the interior was transformed. Anybody can do it with time and patience. ColorBond is one of the best products I have ever used.” Chris concludes.

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