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280ZX Interior Restoration Using ColorBond

November 18, 2021


Restoring cars and trucks from the seventies, eighties and nineties cars has its challenges as compared to restoring earlier vintage classic cars, which typically have a stronger reproduction parts network. What compounds things is that these vehicles cars have far more molded plastic interior bits than the older classic vehicles. After all these years interiors have often faded to colors that have little resemblance to the original. Needing an interior restoration and not having good access to restoration parts makes ColorBond LVP Refinisher perfect for restoring these cars. With many ColorBond OEM correct colors available for many manufacturers, there should be an exact match, or a color that comes close to matching the most obscure classic car interior.

Bob Theis is using ColorBond for his 1979 Datsun 280ZX interior restoration. The 280ZX was the next evolution of the popular Datsun 240Z, 260Z and 280Z models and was designed to be more of a luxury GT than the previous Z car models. While the earlier models often have better reproduction parts availability, it can be difficult to find OEM correct interior restoration parts for a 280ZX interior restoration. Which makes ColorBond an excellent solution for restoring the interior.

Before the 280ZX interior restoration, Bob had used ColorBond LVP Refinisher to transform the interior of his Jaguar XKE from black to tan and was thrilled with the results. See the story here. Bob said it has been three years since he painted the interior, and it shows no signs of wear.

Bob sent us these progress photos of his 280ZX interior restoration with some before and after shots. He says he is waiting on dash elements before he can complete the interior. It looks great so far! We can’t wait to see the finished project. Check back here on the ColorBond website to see it.

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