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Best Paint for Plastic – Say ColorBond Customers

December 29, 2021


We at ColorBond would like to thank you for helping make 2021 a very successful year. We love being involved in your projects and helping you achieve the results you desire. It is truly an honor to hear our customers say they believe ColorBond is the best paint for plastic, vinyl, and leather. During the year many of our customers have shared their projects with us. Here are some highlights from 2021.

As part of a complete renovation, ColorBond was used by Gina Desmond to restyle the chairs and booth seating in her sports bar. Gina said to reupholster the vinyl booth seats and chairs to match the new blue color theme would have costs thousands of dollars. Then she found she could change the color of the vinyl with ColorBond LVP Refinisher vinyl paint at a fraction of the cost. Gina did a phenomenal job! craftsmanship is great, and the vinyl looks factory new. Only 12 cans of ColorBond LVP Refinisher vinyl paint were used at a cost of $200.00. Compare that to the thousands of dollars needed for a reupholstery job! Check out the coverage of her project here.

The interior colors of Bob Theis’s 1979 Datsun 280ZX had faded badly and he found locating interior restoration parts to be very difficult. Previously, Bob had used ColorBond LVP Refinisher to transform the interior of his Jaguar XKE from black to tan and was thrilled with the results. You can see that story here. Knowing ColorBond is the best paint for plastic he chose to use LVP Refinisher to paint the interior panels, dash and trim. The result looked great and gave the old interior a like new look.

Chris Hoffman found a unique use for ColorBond LVP Refinisher. He painted his living room slider and trim moldings using our #119 Ford Black. As the slider and moldings were already coated with polyurethane, a type of plastic, using ColorBond was a natural since it is designed to bond to plastic. He simply cleaned surfaces of dust, dirt and grime (ColorBond Prep Cleaner works well for this), then scuffed the polyurethane with fine grit sandpaper to provide an anchor surface pattern for best adhesion of the LVP Refinisher. More information on painting over polyurethane can be seen in this post. Chris has also used ColorBond to refinish the cabinets in his kitchen and to refinish the cabinetry in his RV. Chris sure thinks ColorBond is the best paint for plastic!

Another incredible ColorBond project completed in 2021 is “Project Mia” in which Carlos Medrano customized a 2018 Miata ND for his daughter. Carlos transformed the interior from black to red using LVP Refinisher and then displayed at the 2021 SEMA Show in Las Vegas. Having previously used ColorBond products on his show winning cars, and knowing it is the best paint for plastic, Carlos didn’t hesitate to use LVP Refinisher on Project Mia. In 2016 and 2018 Carlos’ other creations were displayed in the ColorBond SEMA booth. During those years Carlos was the recipient of the ColorBond CLEO Award. The award recognized individuals who showed excellence utilizing ColorBond car interior paint to restore, or restyle, the interior of any type of automobile. See the story here.

2021 was a banner year for ColorBond and we thank you for your business. If you’ve never used ColorBond give us a try. You too will find it is indeed the best paint for plastic!