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How do I Find my Car Interior Color?

May 12, 2022


ColorBond LVP Refinisher is currently available in 205 OEM correct colors. Which at times makes choosing the color that matches your interior a bit confusing. This leads to the number one question we receive: “How do I find my car interior color?” Whether you are looking to determine the OEM color of the interior of your car, truck, boat, or perhaps the OEM color of your motorcycle seat, the process is simple.

First locate your vehicle identification number (VIN). This is most often found on cars and trucks by base of the dash, near the windshield on the driver’s side. There you will find a sequence of numbers and letters. Take note of them and then call the parts department of a dealership that carries your brand of vehicle. They can use this number to identify the name of the car interior color you have.

Next, go to the ColorBond Find Your Color page, click on the icon of your vehicle brand, and there you will find a listing of the color names (and color codes). Click on your color and then click on “View Product”, which will bring you to the product page for the LVP Refinisher you need.

New Color

ColorBond has recently added a new OEM correct car interior color: BMW Cognac # 3338 Cognac which will be available the last week of May.

OEM Approved Colors

Did you know that ColorBond LVP Refinisher is the only aerosol car interior paint available in OEM approved colors? ColorBond’s production of OEM correct colors started back in 1996 when we began seven years of testing and collaboration with Ford Research Labs to earn two Ford OEM Worldwide Performance Specifications for our LVP Refinisher. These highly sought-after specifications are accepted by all vehicle manufacturers and are the gold standard for OEM performance and quality.  We’re honored that ColorBond LVP Refinisher is used by Ford for car interior color repairs on their assembly lines. And it’s the same interior paint all our customers can buy.

As we add new car interior color choices, each goes through a highly involved process to be sure they exactly duplicate the OEM correct sample. Sometimes these samples come directly from vehicle manufacturers or Tier 1 manufacturers. Also, car clubs send us OEM correct samples to match. In each case the sample is analyzed, and we then manufacture a duplicate car interior color which is sent back to the source for approval.

ColorBond currently produces OEM correct colors for:

If you have questions about any of ColorBond’s products, please let us know. We are here to help.