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How to Change Your Car Interior Color

June 29, 2023


Changing the color of components in a car interior, or even changing the color of the complete interior, is often done when restyling or restoring a vehicle. You might be undertaking a project like this and are pondering just how to change your car interior color.

The obvious choice may be to obtain seat covers, door panels, trim, etc. that are in the color you want. However, this can be pricey and, in some cases, impossible if the parts can’t be found. If you are wondering how to change your car interior color more easily and economically, you can spray leather, vinyl and plastic components with paint designed for those materials. In this case, the key is to choose the right paint, like ColorBond LVP, that will provide a durable finish that looks great and has a surface texture and sheen that look factory original.

Change Car Leather Seat Color as a Do-It-Yourself Project

Using ColorBond LVP to change car leather seat color as well as the color of other interior components, is a project you can do yourself and get great results. The key is to plan out your project in advance, properly prepare the interior components, and not rush through the project. If you need pointers, the ColorBond customer service department is here to help.

Preparing to Paint Leather Car Interior

As with all paint jobs, properly preparing the surface before applying ColorBond LVP is vitally important. Dust, dirt, grease, skin oil and appearance dressings need to be removed first so that ColorBond will strongly adhere without flaking or peeling. ColorBond Prep Cleaner is formulated to thoroughly remove these contaminants. Also, while ColorBond LVP can be directly applied to leather as well as vinyl and soft touch plastics, it is strongly recommended that hard plastic items should first be sprayed with ColorBond Adhesion Promoter.

Before and After Car Interior Paint Modifications

Check out these car interior color changes that were made with ColorBond LVP. The modifications were done by the vehicle owners as do-it-yourself projects and demonstrate how to change your car interior color with ColorBond leather, vinyl and plastic paint and get excellent results.

Eric changed the color of his Mustang interior from a boring beige color to a striking black and green combination. The paint job turned out great and took only 8 cans of ColorBond. He was able to change car leather seat color of the Mustang economically, at a cost of only $187.00.

Ramil K. shows us a great example of how to change your car interior color. He took his BMW interior from beige black and red. “Completely changing the color of my interior wasn’t one of the easiest tasks to do, but I made it!” Ramil says.

Fabio L.’s wanted to change up the interior of his BMW and did just that with ColorBond. Applying ColorBond LVP in red to the dash, door panels and to change car leather seat color brought this interior from attractive to wow!

Lillith transformed the interior of her 2014 Volkswagen Jetta using ColorBond LVP Refinisher in BMW Burgundy #257.  Five cans of ColorBond LVP were used to paint these components – a total of only $117.00. Since ColorBond is so easy to apply, the work was performed by Lillith, rather than a professional. Saving money in the process. The results were fantastic! We are proud that Lilly trusted ColorBond Paint to restyle the interior of her show car.

It’s amazing how you can use ColorBond LVP to change car leather seat color, as well as the color of door panels, consoles, dashes, and other interior components. If you are wondering how to change your car interior color, ColorBond is the answer.