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Car Seat Paint

Rejuvenating vinyl, plastic and leather car seats is complicated without the right supplies. ColorBond offers a selection of car seat paint products that make the process straightforward. Our L, V & HP Refinisher won’t crack, chip or peel. The solution works on interior cabin surfaces and does not change original textures. ColorBond offers 188 OEM colors across our color chart to make your seat repair successful.

Auto Seat Repair and Restoration

ColorBond products make restoring car, truck and motorcycle seats easier. Our Prep Cleaner removes dirt before you apply paint sprays to genuine leather and vinyl seat upholsteries. Ten-minute drying times make our seat paints convenient to use. Alter or restore the color and appearance of bucket, bench and racing seat styles with ColorBond Paint products.

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What Are Car Seat Spray Paints?

Automotive seats deteriorate because of ultraviolet (UV) rays, temperature shifts, spills, and daily wear. In the past, the only way to improve the appearance of your vehicle's seats and interior would be to reupholster it or buy new OEM components. Reupholstering seats and other interior panels could cost hundreds if not thousands. Save as much as 80% of what you would have spent on replacement parts or reupholstered seats by ordering our car seat paint for remarkably similar results.

Car seat spray paints enable you to change or restore the color of OEM seat upholsteries. Change the look of interior seats in less time than it would take to have seats reupholstered.

Vinyl and Leather Car Seat Paints

ColorBond offers OEM car seat paint colors and the necessary cleaning products to paint your seats or other interior pieces. We help you maintain the resale value of cars, trucks and SUVs with solutions that outperform standard dyes. Review our products to learn more about ColorBond's vinyl, leather and plastic seat paints:

Prep Cleaner

OEM car seats collect dirt from everyday usage. ColorBond Prep Cleaner is a liquid solution that removes grime from interior upholsteries. Use this cleaning agent before applying vinyl, leather, and plastic car seat paints.

Leather, Vinyl & Hard Plastic Refinisher

Restore the color of OEM seats with car seat touch-up paints by ColorBond. The Leather, Vinyl & Hard Plastic Refinisher is effective for seat back and bottom repairs. Keep the original textures of stock seats. Products bond at the molecular level. Surfaces are dry to the touch in 45 seconds.

Seat Stylin' Car Spray Paints

Customize vinyl, leather, and plastic seat sections using Seat Stylin' options. Clean your seats, and ColorBond's aerosol car seat spray paints will revitalize surfaces through multiple coats. Spray bold paints across delicate leathers and vinyl materials. Seat Stylin' paints will not harden your interior seats.

A Simple Application Process

ColorBond seat paint products ship with instructions on the can. Follow step-by-step recommendations for zero streaks once each coat is dry. ColorBond does business with auto collectors, mechanics, DIY fans and more. Review the details below to apply car seat touch-up paints:

  1. Sand down seats using 1,500-grit wet dry sandpaper
  2. Clean seat surfaces with isoprophyl alcohol and let them dry.
  3. Use ColorBond's Adhesion Promoter to prep the upholstery.
  4. Spray the paints 12 inches from the surface.
  5. Use back-and-forth motions until the surface is covered.
  6. Wait two minutes between coats.
  7. A complete bond will form in 10 minutes.

Advantages of ColorBond's Car Seat Spray Paints

ColorBond Paint products save you time and effort during auto seat repairs. Treat interiors for all makes and models. Advantages of ColorBond vinyl and leather car seat paints include:

  • Car seat paints are available in a broad range of colors.
  • Seat repairs stand strong against UV rays.
  • ColorBond seat paints are long-lasting and will not alter the texture of your seat.
  • ColorBond paints help you restore seats, door panels, and shifter boots.

Buy ColorBond Car Seat Touch-Up Paints

ColorBond brings you original car seat paint products that OEMs trust. Our car seat spray paints are versatile for large-scale restoration jobs and repairs within the automotive, marine, and aviation industries. Purchase our Leather, Vinyl and Plastic aerosol paint today.