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Mustang Convertible Top Cover Color Changed with ColorBond

September 10, 2021


Ed Iverson is no stranger to using ColorBond to change the interior color of his cars. Last year we featured the interior restyling of his C5 Corvette and recently he shared his Mustang convertible top cover color change project. Ed’s projects are fun to see.

A Mustang convertible top cover, also known as a boot cover, tonneau cover and tonneau boot cover (take your pick, but boot cover is technically the correct term) are fastened down over convertible tops when they are retracted.

Their purpose is to keep dirt and dust from building up in the folded top stack and to protect the underside of the top from fading due to exposure to the sun. The tonneau also provides a clean look by hiding the top’s internal mechanism. Boot covers are further distinguished by being hard or soft. Hard boot covers are usually made from fiberglass, while soft boot covers are typically cut and sewn with vinyl.

Convertible Top Restoration

Ed had a soft red Mustang convertible top cover from a car he previously owned, but it wouldn’t look right with the white and black color combination of his current car. He says a new cover would have cost $350, plus he would have had to wait 10 weeks for it to be produced and shipped, so he decided to recolor it himself. Ed knew from his experience using ColorBond LVP Refinisher aerosol spray paint that it would be perfect for color matching the cover to the interior.

Overall, Ed used one and a half cans of LVP Refinisher in Cuddy White at a cost of $35. Compare that to the $350 cost of a new Mustang convertible top cover! Ed certainly appreciated the savings and says “Best of all this six year old tonneau cover now looks brand new!”

Great job Ed!

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