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How to Easily Change the Color of a Couch

September 21, 2023

Are you thinking of changing the color of a couch? Maybe you just updated your family room, and the current color of your leather couch doesn’t work with the new décor. Or maybe the color of your couch is fading, and you want to renew it. Buying a new leather couch or reupholstering your old couch can be expensive. However, you can easily and economically change the color of a couch with ColorBond LVP as a do-it-yourself project. Here’s how.

Here a customer used 8 cans ($187.00) of ColorBond LVP to change the color of her leather couch. “I’m elated with the results,” she wrote. “Unbelievable!”

First Repair Damage

If your couch has damage like holes, tears, burns, etc., it’s best to make repairs before painting. This can be done with a leather repair kit. These kits include patches and adhesives to make repairs and provide a solid foundation for the application of ColorBond LVP.

Prepare for Paint

You’ll want to be sure there aren’t any contaminants on the leather that can interfere with the adhesion of ColorBond LVP. Before painting, and after any repairs are made, the leather needs to be cleaned to remove dust, dirt, stuck on debris, skin oil, etc. While you might be inclined to use something like detergent or saddle soap be aware that these cleaners can leave residue that will hinder bonding of the paint. Using acetone, or a solution of one part alcohol to one part water will clean off contaminants without leaving residue. The best results can be achieved with ColorBond Prep Cleaner, which is specially formulated to clean leather, vinyl, and plastic without leaving residue.

Apply ColorBond LVP

If you don’t want to ruin your furniture, it’s important to use quality paint to change the color of a couch. First and foremost, the paint needs to look great while strongly adhering to leather. Also, it must be flexible to move with the leather and not crack and peel as the leather is flexed. The finish needs to look natural. Shiny paint on leather looks cheap and will make it apparent that the leather was painted.

ColorBond LVP is designed for painting leather, vinyl and plastic and provides a high-quality look and sheen that appears like the original leather finish. It dries to the touch in 45 seconds and forms a molecular bond within 10 minutes. The paint won’t flake, crack or peel and is durable while still allowing the original leather grain texture to show through. Changing the color of a couch with ColorBond LVP is a far more economical alternative to replacing it or having the couch reupholstered.

Applying ColorBond LVP is a simple process:

  • Spray a light mist coat 12” from the leather surface.
  • After two minutes dry time, apply a second light coat.
  • Additional light coats can be applied as needed. Remember to give the paint two minutes to dry between coats.
  • Note, ColorBond is a heavily pigmented paint, and a thin paint film thickness provides excellent coverage. So, heavy coating of the leather isn’t needed.
  • After the final coat is applied give the paint ten minutes to fully dry and bond to the leather.

Buzz Williams, owner and operator of The Fixer mobile upholstery repair business has been a user of ColorBond for years. Check out the results he achieved by changing the color of this leather couch with ColorBond LVP. Buzz says “I have used a couple of other leather paint brands before. With ColorBond LVP the appearance and durability are much better. As well, I get the best results with the least amount of effort compared to the others.”

Buying a new leather couch or reupholstering your old couch can be expensive. However, you can easily and economically change the color of a couch with ColorBond LVP.