How to Prepare a Car for Shows – Part 2 – Colorbond Paint

How to Prepare a Car for Shows – Part 2

January 18, 2023


In last week’s ColorBond blog post we described 3 of 6 ways to prepare a car for shows using ColorBond products. Which included ColorBond LVP Refinisher used to refinish leather upholstery as and steering wheels, as well as using Pro Tech Trim Color to make black exterior trim look great. Here we will cover the other 3 ways to use ColorBond to prepare a car for shows.

Pro Tech Engine Enamel

1. Liven Up the Look of Your Engine

If your engine could use some sprucing up ColorBond offers Pro Tech Engine Enamel to get the job done. It works great for coating a new engine or just refinishing more visible parts like valve covers and intake manifolds.  Pro Tech Engine Enamel is a beautiful glossy metallic alkyd primer that remains strongly bonded in high temperature environments. It’s durable to resist chipping, is impervious to chemicals and is temperature rated to 500° F. Pro Tech provides a beautiful “fresh from the factory” look and has received OEM certification from numerous manufacturers. Pro Tech Engine Enamel is offered in 14 colors, including OEM colors that match the paint originally used on classic car engines. Engine detailing is a big part of preparing a car or truck for shows and Pro Tech Engine Enamel can really make your engine stand out.

Pro Tech Argent Wheel Paint

2. Restore Tired Wheels

Professional ColorBond user Jay, from MARS Automotive Reconditioning Center restored the appearance of a set of dingy aluminum wheels using Pro Tech Argent Wheel Paint. Jay said it took 1 and a half cans of the paint to refinish the four wheels. Before applying the spray paint, he smoothed curb rash with a Dremel tool and then cleaned the wheels with ColorBond Prep Cleaner. As Jay did the job with the tires still on the wheels, he used paper to mask the tire from overspray. Jay then shot three light coats of the Pro Tech. Jay says, “The paint is great and just right for filling the lesser defects and rash marks.”

Pro Tech Translucent Black Tail Light Color

3. Tint Your Tail lights

If you want to prepare your car or truck for shows by changing up the appearance of your tail lights and giving them a custom look, black tint just might do the trick. ColorBond Pro Tech Translucent Black Tail Light Color can be used to give lenses a black appearance but still allows the tail lights to be seen when illuminated. Tinted tail light lenses first became popular in the 1980’s with automotive aftermarket accessory companies offering tinted PVC covers that could be installed over the taillights. The look became increasingly popular with auto manufacturers incorporating tinted tail lights into the styling of their cars.   

As compared to aftermarket tail light covers, Pro Tech Translucent Black Tail Light Color offers an effective and economical way to get a blacked out tail light look. Black out tail covers can typically cost $50.00-$75.00, or even more. However, a can of ColorBond Pro Tech Translucent Black Tail Light Color is only $24.00 and contains enough paint to tint at least one pair of tail lights. The paint can also be used to tint fog lights and turn signal indicators. For an extra touch of customization stencils can be used.

Using Pro Tech Translucent Black Tail Light Color is easy. Simply remove the tail light lens from the car and clean. ColorBond Prep Cleaner is recommended. Next, for best paint adhesion lightly scuff the lens with 1200 grit wet/dry sandpaper. Then apply three light mist coats of the paint, allowing five minutes dry time between each coat.

Be Prepared

These are just some of the ways that ColorBond paints can be used to prepare a car or truck for shows or just to make your daily driver look great. Stay tuned to the blog for more ideas on how to make your vehicle look great with ColorBond.