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How to Change the Color of a Vinyl Car Top

February 1, 2023


Back in the day, vinyl car tops were all the rage. The tops lent an upscale look and were offered as an option on most cars, and in many cases pickup trucks as well. When most auto manufacturers stopped offering convertibles in the 1970’s, vinyl roofs were often styled to provide the appearance of a convertible. Automotive fashion tastes changed as the years went by seeing a new car sporting a vinyl top was a rarity. However, there are still vehicles on the road with vinyl roofs. Most are classics; however, some are newer vehicles that have had vinyl tops installed by vehicle customizers. On occasion we receive inquiries from vinyl top aficionados asking, “Can I change the color of my vinyl top?” Our answer is an emphatic “Yes, you can change the color of a vinyl car top with ColorBond LVP!”

ColorBond LVP is a paint specially designed for use on leather, vinyl, and plastic. It looks fantastic and with proper surface preparation will not crack, flake, or peel. Check out these projects where ColorBond LVP was used to change the color of vinyl car tops.

Lincoln Town Car

Gary did a great job refinishing the vinyl top of a 2007 Lincoln Town Car. The top was cracked and discolored from years of exposure to the Florida sun. Replacement was considered, however, at a quoted cost of $500-$800 Gary decided ColorBond LVP was a far more simple and economical option.

Before painting, the top was carefully prepared, as proper surface preparation is the key to a great paint job. First, the cracks were repaired with light coats of vinyl filler and sanded. Gary then went on to mask the body and trim, which he reports took about 5 hours. Though that may seem like a long time, it’s easier than cleaning off overspray. After scrubbing the top with ColorBond Prep Cleaner he applied a few coats of ColorBond LVP, and then followed up with a top coat of ColorBond Dash Clear Protectant, which protects ColorBond LVP from the sun’s UV rays.

“I love that ColorBond dries in 45 seconds, as opposed to water based car interior paint which takes a while to dry. It turned out great and I used only six cans of ColorBond LVP at a cost of $140.00. Repairing the top was much less expensive than replacing it.” Gary says.

Pontiac Lemans

Al used ColorBond LVP to change the color of the vinyl top on this Pontiac Lemans. The top was originally black, but ColorBond LVP in Cuddy White was used to give the car a whole new look. Having previous experience using ColorBond LVP to restore his 1981 Cadillac El Dorado and his 1987 Chevy C10 pickup, Al was confident the paint would produce great results with this project too.

Once again, preparation is important and needs to be thorough for the best adhesion of the paint and long-term finish quality. Al started by cleaning the vinyl of dirt, wax, grease, and oils using a variety of cleaning materials including ColorBond Prep Cleaner, which was used on the vinyl top. He also used alcohol and Rapid Prep. Al then sprayed the ColorBond LVP. Starting with a light coat followed by another 2-3 coats that became heavier as they progressed. Overall, Al used 6 cans of the vinyl paint.

“LVP Refinisher is a great product and I recommend it to everyone” says Al. “I wouldn’t use anything else.”

You Too Can Do-It-Yourself

By taking your time and properly preparing the surface you too can easily change the color of a vinyl car top with ColorBond LVP.