3 Ways to Repair a Jet Ski Seat – Colorbond Paint

3 Ways to Repair a Jet Ski Seat

December 14, 2022


Jet ski seats receive a lot of abuse. They’re subject to wear and tear from friction between the rider and the seat, while exposure to the sun can dry out, discolor, and degrade the vinyl. You could replace the seat or seat cover which can run about $200-$500, however, depending on the extent of the damage you might be able to repair the jet ski seat yourself at far lower cost.

Worn jet ski seat needs some love

How to Maintain Your Jet Ski Seat

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure and maintaining your jet ski seat can help prevent the need for future repairs.

  • Use a spray on vinyl cleaner to remove build-up of dirt, grime and suntan lotion which can stain and mar the vinyl
  • Follow-up with a vinyl protectant that is designed for marine use. This will provide protection from UV rays to help keep the vinyl from fading and cracking. It will also work to repel dirt and staining to keep the vinyl looking new longer.
  • Periodically check the seat for cracks and tears. Repairing this damage when it is first noticed is much easier than fixing it after it has expanded.

How to Repair Cracks and Tears in Your Jet Ski Seat

Tears and cracks in your jet ski seat can often be repaired using a vinyl repair kit. There are different types of vinyl repair kits available. With some kits the seat cover is removed, and a vinyl patch is adhered over the crack from the backside of the cover. Other kits use a liquid vinyl that is spread over the crack or tear on the top side of the cover to seal the damaged vinyl closed.

How to Repair Your Jet Ski Seat Foam

If the foam in your seat cushion has formed holes, or there are chunks of foam torn away, you may be able to repair your jet ski seat foam without having to replace the complete seat cushion. This can be done by using replacement foam rubber pieces to fill the damaged section. Using foam that is the same density as that of the seat, pieces are cut to form layers that are the size of the hole which are then stacked until the hole filled. To hold the replacement foam in place, a spray adhesive is applied to the inside of the hole and the foam pieces. Time is allowed for the adhesive to dry between each layer.

How to Paint Your Jet Ski Seat

If the seat vinyl has become worn and faded, or you are wanting to refinish the seat after repairs have been made, it is possible to paint your jet ski seat to restore its appearance ColorBond LVP leather, vinyl and plastic paint is perfect for this. The paint will bond to the vinyl seat surface to provide a beautiful, and durable finish. It’s available in over 205 colors, so you can find a color to match or change the color of your seat. Of note, ColorBond Seat Stylin’ uses the same high-performance formulation of ColorBond LVP, but provides a palette of vivid, high-impact colors for even more customization opportunities. Typically, one can of ColorBond LVP, at a cost of $23.35, is all that is needed to paint a jet ski seat. A tremendous savings as compared to $200 for a new seat cover!

Jet ski seat refinished with ColorBond LVP.

Now that winter is here, it is a perfect time for an at home project. So, go ahead and repair your jet ski seat so it’s ready when warm weather returns.