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Restore your Ford Interior to Assembly Line Perfection

November 22, 2022


No matter how hard you try to keep the interior of your Ford car or truck in great condition, life happens. The color can fade with age, especially if it spends a lot of time outdoors in the sun. Seats and carpeting can become stained from whatever you drug in on your shoes, an errant ball point pen or far too many other things. While some stains can be removed, others can’t, and color fade is permanent. If you love your Ford, this can be a real bummer. And if you are selling it can hurt resale value. So, what can you do to fix it? A great solution is to simply restore your Ford interior with paint for leather, vinyl, and plastic.

Some folks choose to replace faded or stained interior components with Ford restoration interior parts. Not only can this get pricey, in lots of cases the parts are hard to find or are no longer available. Plus, if they replace one piece of upholstery or trim, that new part sure will look good, but it will most likely contrast with those surrounding it.

How to Restore Faded and Stained Ford Interior Plastic and Leather

Using leather, vinyl and plastic paint can be an effective and visually appealing way to restore interior door panels, restore faded interior plastic, and restore faded Ford interior leather and vinyl upholstery. But using the correct color is vital. For example, an off the shelf “tan” paint might look fresh, it sure isn’t going to match Ford Medium Camel. Even a basic color like “black” isn’t going to correctly match Ford Black. The color needs to be formulated to exactly match the OEM Ford color, or you might as well not use it. This is where ColorBond LVP comes in. ColorBond offers paint in forty-nine OEM Certified Ford colors. Making it easy to match the original color. ColorBond LVP offers the interior paint colors needed for vehicles like the Ford Mustang, Ford Bronco, Ford F150, Ford Focus, Ford Fusion, and more. It can be used on carpeting too. The color list can be seen here.

ColorBond LVP used to restore classic Bronco door panel

To give you an idea of ColorBond LVP quality and color accuracy, consider it has been used on Ford assembly lines to make spot repairs. Our relationship with Ford started in 1996. At that time, we began seven years of testing and collaboration with Ford Research Labs to earn two Ford OEM Worldwide Performance Specifications for ColorBond LVP: WSS-M99J385-A2 and WSS-M99J387-A. These highly sought-after specifications are accepted by all vehicle manufacturers and are the gold standard for OEM performance and quality.  

ColorBond LVP is easy to use and formulated to strongly bond to leather, vinyl, and plastic without cracking or peeling. The finish quality appearance of that matches that of the original material when new. It allows surface grains and textures to show through, while providing great, opaque coverage.

Ford F150 dash restored with ColorBond LVP

So don’t be bummed out by stains or fading when you can economically restore your Ford interior to assembly line perfection with ColorBond LVP leather, vinyl, and plastic paint.