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Leather Spray Paint for Car Seats Makes the Job Easy

June 15, 2023


Saving money by using leather spray paint for car seats to change your car interior color yourself can seem like an overwhelming proposition. Where do you start? Will you know how to paint leather seats? What product will you use? Will the result look good? Will you ruin your interior? 

Now imagine taking those concerns to a new level by changing the interior color of your beloved and expensive classic sportscar! Without previous experience using ColorBond, Robert Theis decided to take a chance and trusted ColorBond LVP leather spray paint for car seats to transform the interior of his 1969 Jaguar XKE. As you will see the results are fantastic! 

Leather Car Seat Restoration

Robert’s love of the Jaguar XKE started early. “Back when I was playing Minor League baseball one of my teammates came home with an XKE, and I loved that car. Now I finally have one of my own!” Bob says. He bought the car six years ago from the third owner, a professor at the University of Oregon.

The car had originally come from the factory with yellow paint and a black interior. Later it was repainted British Racing Green. As British Racing Green XKE’s were only fitted with tan interiors, Bob thought it would be appropriate to change the color to tan. Bob is a Do-It-Yourself sort of guy and decided applying ColorBond himself would be the best option.

Transformed from black to tan with ColorBond LVP Refinisher

“I wanted to learn more about how to paint leather seats, and test ColorBond’s appearance and durability before I applied it to the Jaguar’s interior. So, I sprayed it on a piece of leather and then left it out in the sunlight, soaked it in water, twisted it, and generally tried to destroy it. The ColorBond held up incredibly well. Friends tried too. They were amazed!” says Bob.

Bob told us it took about two weeks of working on and off to get the job done, and he used about $250.00 of ColorBond LVP. Three coats of the leather spray paint for car seats were needed to transform the color from black to tan. “A professional recolor of the interior would have cost thousands.” Bob says. 

How to Restore Leather Car Seats

If you are wondering how to paint leather seats, know that excellent preparation is the key to a great result when painting with leather spray paint for car seats. Time spent on proper preparation pays off.

  1. Your leather seats, or other leather or vinyl upholstery, must be thoroughly cleaned of dirt, dust, and grease. This will allow the best and longest lasting paint adhesion. We recommend ColorBond Prep Cleaner for cleaning.
  2. Another important part of preparation is using paper and masking tape to mask items that are not to be painted. A little time spent carefully masking will help give you the best result.
  3. For the best paint adhesion on hard plastics, we recommend applying ColorBond Adhesion Promoter and then painting.

You can find more information about preparation before painting here.

Bob says, “The best way how to paint leather seats is to start off with thorough preparation. I wiped the interior down with acetone, and then masked the side upholstery. The ColorBond was very easy to use and was not challenging at all. It’s easy to use for sure – just as it is advertised. The most complicated part was masking the interior. The car turned out great and the finish quality is excellent and looks natural in the Jaguar. People can’t believe I did it myself, and it’s holding up great! ColorBond is an easy way how to paint leather seats!” Bob concludes. 

Gorgeous interior Bob! 

By taking time to plan your project, properly preparing the surface, and using ColorBond LVP leather spray paint for car seats you can be confident of achieving excellent results. Check out our other blog posts to learn more about how to paint leather seats.