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Steering Wheel Restoration Paint by ColorBond

June 8, 2023


Life is rough for a steering wheel. It receives constant abrasion and wear. Rings scratch it. Dirt and body oils stain it. It gets baked in the sun. It begins looking sad. It’s time for steering wheel restoration therapy.

But just how to restore a steering wheel you ask? Well, you could send it to a shop for a professional restoration, however, the steering wheel restoration cost might be prohibitive. Or you could save money and do the job yourself by painting it. To some people, painting a steering wheel seems like an unusual concept. But it can be done, and it can look fantastic. The important thing is to use a quality product designed for this purpose. Some folks have tried using standard spray paint and found it doesn’t turn out too well, and when the paint is used on leather surfaces it doesn’t look natural.

Considerations for steering wheel restoration paint is that it bonds strongly to the surface so it can deal with wear and tear without delaminating. Equally as important is durability and the ability to handle high heat without cracking or peeling.

ColorBond LVP was designed with automotive environments in mind. It forms a tough and long-lasting bond with the surface of leather, vinyl, or plastic without peeling, flaking, or cracking. It dries within 40 seconds and bonds within 10 minutes. So, the steering wheel can be used shortly after you’re done painting. Perhaps best of all, it looks great and doesn’t obscure fine grain surface textures. ColorBond is trusted by Ford Motor Company for interior repairs on their assembly lines. ColorBond LVP the only aerosol car interior paint available in OEM approved colors, with 205 colors available.

Steering Wheel Restoration Cost

Steering wheel restoration cost, when done by a professional, can be more than you expect.

  • Consider the steering wheel restoration cost for replacing the leather. A professional re- wrap of your steering wheel can run between $150 and $450.
  • If you are looking for a professional repaint of your steering wheel, the steering wheel restoration cost might run about $250 to $300.

Steering Wheel Surface Preparation

Proper preparation of the surface is critical for any good paint job, and your steering wheel restoration is no different.

  1. Dirt, body oil, plastic and leather conditioners and other contaminants must be removed so that ColorBond can thoroughly bond to the surface. ColorBond Prep Cleaner is recommended to best clean the surface.
  2. For the best adhesion to a steering wheel, it’s recommended to apply ColorBond Adhesion Promoter before spraying with ColorBond LVP, especially on hard plastic surfaces.

Steering Wheel Restoration Examples

The leather on Scott Jones’ 2005 Ram steering wheel was damaged by frequent exposure to the mosquito repellant on his hands. To start his steering wheel restoration, he cleaned the wheel with denatured alcohol. Then addressed rough spots in the leather by lightly sanding with 100 grit and up to 1000 grit sandpaper. Then a final wipe down with the alcohol. Adhesion Promoter and ColorBond LVP came next. Scott used one can of ColorBond LVP, Prep Cleaner and Adhesion Promoter at a cost of $40.00. In comparison, a good used Ram Steering wheel typically runs $100.00 to $135.00. A professional restoration would most likely be more.

2005 Ram Steering Wheel Looking Refreshed

Elvis U. says: “Very easy to use. Loved it. I will definitely use this product again in the future for other vehicles.”

Gary Archer used Prep Cleaner and ColorBond LVP to change the color of his wheel for $24.00. A new steering wheel. A new custom wheel would be about $350-400.

Avoid expensive steering wheel restoration cost and make your steering wheel happy again with steering wheel restoration therapy by ColorBond!

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