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ColorBond Black Auto Trim Paint Makes Faded Trim Look New

June 1, 2023

With the average car on the road approaching twelve years old, it seems the mechanical components of these vehicles last forever, however, cosmetics often don’t do so well. While the vehicles run just fine, they may start to look a little shabby. Oxidized and faded black exterior trim is one of the more obvious and unsightly signs of aging. Yet, using ColorBond Pro Tech Black Trim Color auto trim paint to paint car trim black makes it one of the easiest to fix.

A great looking vehicle makes long term ownership more enjoyable and is more appealing if it comes time to sell.

What Causes Black Plastic Car Trim to Fade?

Have you noticed your black plastic exterior trim start to fade to a grayish color? That’s often caused by photo-oxidation, which is when atmospheric oxygen and UV-light react with the plastic causing its degradation. Photo-oxidation can initially give plastic a weathered appearance and in time cause it to become brittle and prone to cracking. Of note, plastic dressings with UV blocker can be applied to trim to prevent photo-oxidation from occurring in the first place. 

How to Restore Faded Car Trim

The ColorBond Pro Tech Trim Color line provides a beautiful, durable and long-lasting finish, and is perfect for cars, boats, motorcycles and other power sports vehicles. Users can enjoy easily refurbishing and restyling vehicle trim with excellent results. Primarily metallic paints, they have been created to match OEM finishes on a wide range of exterior components and can also be used on interior hard plastic metallic finished trim. Black #622 is most often used since it’s the perfect choice to paint car trim black.  Plastic mirror, door and bumper trim, and fenders, such as Jeep fenders, can be made to look like new.

How to Paint Car Trim Black

For best appearance and long-lasting results, we recommend:

  • Clean the component with soap & water.
  • Lightly sand with 1200 grit wet dry sandpaper
  • Apply Clear Adhesion Promoter (we recommend ColorBond # 215)
  • Apply ProTech Trim Color in light mist coats.
  • Use multiple coats as necessary.
  • Allow to dry for 5 minutes between applications.

Whether for the professional refurbishing used cars, or the DIY vehicle owner wanting to improve the look of their own vehicle, ColorBond Pro Tech Black Trim Color auto trim paint provides a correct, easy, and economical way to paint car trim black. For more information Click Here.