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Spray Paint for Plastic – ColorBond has Many Uses

May 25, 2023


As paint differs for spray painting metal versus wood, so there are different paints for plastics. It can be challenging to choose spray paint for plastic as there are so many different types of plastics and each has its own surface properties and ability to be painted. While the initial quality to look for is a paint that describes the ability to bond to plastic, it isn’t that simple. Adhesion characteristics can vary greatly, so when spray painting plastic the best results are achieved by using a paint specifically designed for the type of plastic that is being painted. Otherwise paint peeling and flaking can occur.

Spray Paint for Plastics

The most often recommended spray paint for plastic that is hard is acrylic or lacquer paint that requires plastic bonding primer. When spray painting plastic, enamel tends to not fully dry, resulting in the paint being sticky to the touch and latex presents some durability issues especially after heavy or frequent use.

Spray Paint for Vinyl

When spray painting plastic that is soft, like vinyl, a flexible paint is required, and acrylic-based paints and urethane modified acrylic paints adhere better without cracking, flaking, or peeling. Overall, oil-based paint isn’t a good spray paint for plastic as it doesn’t bond well.

ColorBond LVP spray paint for plastic can be used on both hard and soft plastics. ColorBond is a molecular bonding paint that penetrates deep and is used to correct and restore vinyl, and plastic. ColorBond won’t flake, crack or peel and is durable while still allowing the original texture to show through.

How to Prep Plastic for Spray Paint

When spray painting plastic that is hard, such as automotive door panels or pillars, we recommend sanding with 1200 grit wet sandpaper or a Mr. Clean type eraser, washing with Prep Cleaner, and then applying a thin coat of ColorBond Adhesion Promoter. This will improve the bond between the surface and the paint. Of note, it isn’t necessary to sand soft trim such as vinyl, and Adhesion Promoter does not need to be used.

Check out the wide range of plastic and vinyl items our customers have refinished with ColorBond spray paint for plastic.

Painting Vinyl Window Frames

A ColorBond customer says: “I used ColorBond LVP on the seats of my early Bronco and for spray painting plastic interior bits and it has held up really well over the years. Figured I’d give it a try on our vinyl windows. Can’t believe how well it is holding up to the elements. Dramatic change in the appearance of the house. Thanks, ColorBond! The cost of replacing the vinyl windows would have been astronomical!”

Painting Restaurant Booths

Gina did a phenomenal job refinishing these restaurant booths! This is some of the most impressive work we have seen in ages. The craftsmanship is great, and the vinyl looks factory new. Only 12 cans of ColorBond LVP vinyl paint were used at a cost of $200.00. Compare that to the thousands of dollars needed for a reupholstery job! With the durable finish that ColorBond provides, Gina’s workmanship will look great and stand up to lots of customer use for a long time to come.

Golf Cart Restoration

Roger S. used ColorBond to refinish the seats and rear armrests/cupholders 2011 Yamaha Drive golf cart. He said “I can assure you that I will be using more ColorBond products in the future when spray painting plastic that is hard.”

Painting Vinyl Wall Panels 

Frank used ColorBond LVP to paint the panels of his greenhouse “The finish is uniform, very durable and resists scratching very well” says Frank. “The paint was perfect for what I needed. Also, the customer service was stellar. ColorBond was interested in helping and gave me all the knowledge I needed to be equipped for the job. I’m 100% satisfied and recommend ColorBond highly”.

Painting Car Interior Trim

After many years, plastic interior and exterior trim pieces of Andre L’s Suzuki Sidekick had become oxidized and faded. Here we see the before and after photos of the restoration of the door pulls and door handles using ColorBond LVP. To source replacements for these 30-year-old parts would have next to impossible. ColorBond restored them to like new.

Of note, ColorBond LVP is offered in 205 colors and in OEM correct interior trim paint colors for eighteen different auto manufacturers. OEM certified trim paint is also offered for spray painting plastic trim on Sea Ray boats and Harley Davidson motorcycles. Not only does this allow users to match the original color of their interior, it allows creative freedom to use a different color for a whole new look.

Restoring Vinyl Boat Seats

Debbie V. restored the interior of her Maxum speed boat with ColorBond LVP and said it was easier to work with than standard spray paint, and that she had very good control. She found spray painting plastic with ColorBond LVP provided excellent coverage and dried quickly and evenly with no areas looking too light or too heavy. She also thought the paint and color turned out great and were very close to the original. Overall, Debbie used 14 cans of ColorBond LVP boat interior paint at a cost of $327.00. In comparison, having the interior professionally reupholstered would have cost thousands.

Thunderbird Restoration

Chris I. says: “I used 14 cans of ColorBond LVP to complete my Thunderbird interior project. When spray painting plastic with ColorBond it just lays down nice. It is a thin coat that has excellent coverage. It doesn’t crack, and with the coat being thin, it doesn’t hide the grain pattern of the vinyl or plastic. When I got done it looked exactly like red vinyl! My friends couldn’t believe it.” Chris continues “ColorBond is the best interior trim color paint I had ever used during my 30 years in the auto restoration industry.” Only $327.00 of ColorBond LVP were required. To install a restoration interior would have cost thousands.

ColorBond LVP is great for spray painting plastic that is hard or soft and provides a durable and long-lasting finish. To learn more about our spray paint for plastic click here.