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Mustang Restoration with ColorBond

July 8, 2022


Ford has made millions of Mustangs over the years, with the 10 millionth car made in 2018. As an enthusiast car many have been restored and more will be in the future. ColorBond has been part of lots of Mustang restoration and restyling projects done by vehicle owners that have turned out great. Check these out.

The first three projects use ColorBond LVP Refinisher that’s formulated for painting leather, plastic and vinyl. It looks great, dries to the touch in 45 seconds and forms a molecular bond within 10 minutes. It won’t flake, crack or peel and is durable while still allowing the surface texture to show through. 

Nicholas Lentini’s Mustang restoration included a restyle of his all-charcoal grey interior. He updated it to a two-tone resembling that used in the Saleen Mustang. Nicholas chose a warm cinnamon brown to contrast with the charcoal. The results are beautiful. 

Nicholas’ Charcoal interior restyled to a cinnamon/charcoal two-tone with LVP Refinisher

ColorBond customer “Voo Doo Daddy” restyled the seats of his 2016 Mustang GT, and like Nicholas Lenti, did a two-tone combination. Voo Doo was going to have his seats recovered in red leather, at a cost of about $1,500. Rather he did the job himself with ColorBond LVP Refinisher and painted the seat inserts red. Which only took $150-$170 in materials and a few hours of his time.

Two-tone treatment done by Voo Doo Daddy and LVP Refinisher

Our friend Eric performed a Mustang restoration that included restyling the interior. His steady hand and the effectiveness of ColorBond LVP Refinisher make it look like it was a factory-done job! The old interior was a boring and bland beige color. Now it is all black and green. The combination is sharp and puts this mustang over the top. He used only eight cans for a total of $200 spent. Amazing work by Eric.

Gray and boring changed to WOW with LVP Refinisher!

This classic Mustang restoration needed included refreshing the carpet with Carpet Refinisher. ColorBond offers Carpet Refinisher, Carpet Stylin’, and LVP Refinisher for use on nylon carpeting. ColorBond is the perfect carpet paint for restoring or restyling auto carpet. While all three products use the same formulation, and work and look great on carpeting, we developed Carpet Stylin’ and Carpet Refinisher to help customers easily identify our car carpet paints and select the colors most used.

Carpet Refinisher, Carpet Stylin’ and LVP Refinisher are great solutions for restoring stained and worn carpeting. Offering a cost saving alternative to carpet replacement, they are easy to apply and come in easy-to-use aerosol cans. ColorBond’s revolutionary molecular bonding paint penetrates deep into carpet fibers providing results that look great and are highly durable. Importantly, the carpet is left feeling soft and natural after painting. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for new carpeting, this Mustang owner made his carpet look new at a fraction of the price with ColorBond.

Mustang carpeting looks like new with ColorBond Carpet Refinisher

ColorBond aims to help make Mustang restoration easier.

Congratulations to these Mustang owners on a job well done!