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Car Restoration Paint – New ColorBond Website Makes it Easier to Choose the Products You Need

April 25, 2019

At ColorBond we are all about providing the best customer experience. From helping you choose the best product, to helping achieve the best results with your project. We strive to make the ColorBond experience as simple, enjoyable and satisfying as possible.

We are a hands-on type of company and pay close attention to what our customers are saying.  For example, based on customer demand we continually add new colors to our LVP Refinisher car interior paint line. However, as we added more car restoration paint colors, we learned our paint color selection web page was displaying poorly on mobile devices like cell phones and tablets. As this is our most viewed page, we determined it was time to update the ColorBond website.

ColorBond web developer, Dennis Miller, explains:

“We constantly review what our customers need and found the user-friendliness of the website was becoming an issue when viewed on mobile devices. It been designed to be primarily viewed on desktop or laptop computers. Now, with over fifty percent of our customers viewing the website on a mobile device we needed a responsive website that was mobile as well as desktop friendly. As well, the graphics and layout of the website in general had become dated.”

Behold the new ColorBond website! With a fresh new look, the site is designed to be “mobile first” to make it easy for customers to choose car restoration paint products and order with their mobile device. Navigation on PC’s has been improved as well.

“The new website was designed to improve the customer experience. It’s now more convenient for people to shop with their phone. The navigation is easier, it’s easier to find your paint color and the website uploads faster. The visual appeal is improved as well. We want the ColorBond website to perform as well as ColorBond car restoration paint products. With new design we feel we have achieved that.” Dennis concludes.

Check out the new ColorBond website!