Proper Paint Preparation Yields Best Results

February 21, 2019

ColorBond Paints are known for their easy application and great looking, durable and long-lasting results. To obtain the best results, proper paint preparation is important. For all surfaces we recommend using ColorBond Prep Cleaner to remove dirt, dust, and oil, as well silicones and conditioners that could inhibit the paint from bonding.


Using ColorBond Prep Cleaner is simple:

  • Clean the surface thoroughly
  • Apply ColorBond Prep Cleaner with clean, tack free cloth
  • Remove excess cleaner
  • Dries in five minutes

Preparing for Painting Car Interior

When refinishing hard trim or metal such as door panels or pillars we recommend sanding with 1200 grit wet sandpaper or a Mr. Clean type eraser, washing with Prep Cleaner, and then applying a thin coat of ColorBond Adhesion Promoter. This will improve the bond between the surface and the paint. Of note, while it isn’t necessary to sand soft trim such as vinyl, it is recommended to lightly sand leather. Adhesion Promoter does not need to be used on soft trim and leather.

After cleaning with Prep Cleaner:

  • Dry the component completely
  • Shake the can for 60 seconds before application
  • Apply ColorBond Adhesion Promoter
  • Apply heat (recommend 10 minutes at 140 – 250° F)

Check out this video showing Adhesion Promoter being applied to the dashboard of 2018 ColorBond CLeo Award Winner Carlos Medrano’s show car. 

Once the surface has been prepared apply ColorBond paint.

For an overview video showing use of Prep Cleaner and Adhesion Promoter Click Here.

With proper paint preparation, the best and longest lasting best results will be achieved with ColorBond paints.