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Refinishing Mercedes Headrests Cost Only $16.49! New Headrests Would Have Cost $1400!

February 28, 2020


Replacement interior parts for a car or truck can be expensive. Especially for premium brand vehicles. Bill F. found this out firsthand. Thirteen months ago, he purchased a 2001 Mercedes E320 wagon which needed some work, but the sales price was right.  Bill began refurbishing the car himself and found the leather headrests were missing from the rear seats. The previous owner thought they blocked rearward visibility and removed them, but now they were nowhere to be found.

Upon calling his local Mercedes dealer, Bill learned the three replacement headrests would cost $1,400! He moved onto Plan B. After searching on ebay he found a set of headrests for $65.00. The problem was they were black and didn’t match his gray interior, but he purchased them knowing refinishing Mercedes headrests to the correct color was an option. When Bill began looking into options to change the color a friend at Star Service, located in Tempe Arizona, recommended ColorBond. Bill went ahead and purchased ColorBond LVP refinisher in the OEM correct Mercedes color and got to work.

“I cleaned the headrests with rubbing alcohol, and then painted them with the ColorBond. The job didn’t even take an hour to complete.” Explains Bill. “ColorBond maintained the detail of every texture and stitch. There were no globs of paint or spots of varying finish. They looked exactly like the front headrests. I can’t tell the difference and I’m fussy. I’d call it amazing. One can of ColorBond was required at cost of $16.49 versus $1400 for new headrests. I’m happy I saved over $1300! It turned out so well I also refinished the discolored grab rails on the ceiling as well as the arm rests. A fellow can almost get carried away!” Bill concludes.

Bill shows us refinishing Mercedes headrests is easy and inexpensive. Congratulations to Bill on a job well done!

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