Roger saves over $700 using ColorBond on 2 door Tahoe – Colorbond Paint

Roger saves over $700 using ColorBond on 2 door Tahoe

April 17, 2018
Our latest customer success story comes by way of our friend Roger, who saved a bunch refurbishing his SUV. In what would’ve cost $850 to replace professionally cost Roger less than $100 to do himself:
This was a “utility, plain Jane, vehicle” no carpets, no center console, no rear panels, Blue cloth door panels with wing up windows.It took almost a year to locate all the necessary interior parts from various junk yards as the 2 door Tahoe was only built for 5 years, and most of the 4 door version panels will not fit. Power leather front seats, came from NJ, the rears from Tampa and were covered in mold. the front door panels from Plant City FL and were electric windows. The complete interior was stripped out, treated any signs of rust, applied dynamat. adapted new seat belts, as direct replacement are not available. Worked over a year in my garage spraying each and every part gray. Looks like a new SUV now.






Roger used four cans of # 329 Ford Light Flint, one can of # 215 clear ad pro, and a bottle of prep cleaner.

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