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Rolls Royce Interior Restoration with ColorBond

July 16, 2020


ColorBond was proud to announce that Jay Van Houten from MARS Automotive Reconditioning Center was the winner of the 2nd Annual ColorBond CLeo Award for his expert refurbishing of the interior of a 1954 Rolls-Royce. The CLeo Award was created to recognize expert use of ColorBond car seat paint for restoring autos.

Here’s his story:

The Rolls project started when one of my favorite customers brought in a 1954 Rolls-Royce that he had acquired for his Limousine Company. The car is an all-aluminum (eat your heart out Ford!) bodied Silver Wraith and may be one of only four from this coach builder. The car is to be chauffer driven for weddings, proms and other special occasions.  The car was purchased from an estate and had been neglected for many years.



My customer wanted to retain the original interior if possible and I agreed that with the tools I use for interior repair and the help of Colorbond LVP Refinisher car seat paint, it could be possible.  Both of us understood it would not look new but would be consistent with the age of the vehicle and save hundreds of dollars that a reupholster job would cost.  This is, after all, a working vehicle!



After lots of work and help from both my interior restoration supplier and ColorBond car seat paint, the car has been put in service and is a hit with the customers.

The owner and I decided on a slightly lighter color and it makes the interior look bright and inviting.  So far, it has been well received and in great demand.

As the car is used, there are more areas to work on, but overall, it looks great.

The car does look stunning and Jay was definitely deserving of the award. 

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