Peeling Mercedes SLK Interior Trim is Restored with ColorBond – Colorbond Paint

ColorBond Car Interior Paint is the Solution for Peeling Mercedes SLK Interior Trim

July 9, 2020


Geoff ran into the same problem most Mercedes SLK owners do: His plastic interior components were painted with a rubber like coating that is prone to chipping and peeling, which reveals the underlying plastic. This condition effects most all Mercedes Benz SLK models.

Mercedes SLK Interior Peeling Fix

Being stuck at home because of COVID stay at home requirements, Geoff decided he had the time to complete an interior restoration on his 2001 SLK 320. He began the tedious process of peeling the failing rubber coating from the dash, console, door panels and other plastic interior trim. “I was a bit nervous about undertaking the project, but the rubber coating looked horrible and I knew I couldn’t make it any worse.” Says Geoff.

Gutted Interior. Of note, Geoff was thinking of painting the seats and had masked them off. The stitching is coming out, so he has decided to reupholster instead.

Panel preparation after stripping included a wipe down with ColorBond Cleaner, and then an application of ColorBond Adhesion Promoter, which is recommended especially for hard plastics.

Stripped interior components

Geoff said he applied ten light coats to bring the interior panels from black to the correct shade of red. Overall, 4 cans of ColorBond LVP Refinisher were used, along with a can of Adhesion Promoter, and a bottle of Cleaner. For a total of $89.00. A professional interior restoration would have cost thousands.

After – An amazing transformation

Geoff has words of advice for those undertaking a project like his: “When you start the project you need to set realistic expectations. You need to be patient and know the project will take time to do right. I worked on this project on an on-and-off basis over a period of two weeks. Also, be sure you order enough paint. I had to stop to order more and that slowed me down”. Concludes Geoff.

Congratulations to Geoff on a job very well done!

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