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ColorBond Upholstery Paint Provides Detailers and Refurbishers with a Competitive Advantage

July 2, 2020


For those who detail and refurbish vehicles a good cleaning goes a long way, but often permanent stains, discoloration, wear and sun fading of interior surfaces need to be addressed. In this case, ColorBond upholstery paint is a welcome addition to a tool kit. ColorBond is a revolutionary molecular bonding paint that penetrates deep and enables these professionals to correct and restore leather, vinyl, and plastic interior panels, as well as carpet, to their original color and with excellent results. ColorBond won’t flake, crack or peel and is durable while still allowing the original texture to show through. It has been rigorously tested and approved by OEM Manufacturers for proper color and performance. ColorBond enables professionals to provide a higher level of quality and customer satisfaction. For detailers and refurbishers; That’s what’s called a competitive advantage…

Have you noticed services menus among competing detailers and refurbishers often look the same? ColorBond enables detailers and refurbishers to differentiate themselves from the competition by offering recoloring services to not only repair permanent stains, wear, and discoloration, but also to completely change the interior color. If desired, they can offer mild to wild interior restyling services, which is not only a competitive advantage, but also an additional profit center.

Vintage Datsun 240Z door panel discolored with age

Refinished door panel is white and bright – just like new

Before and after – Stained and discolored seat cushion is returned to its former glory


ColorBond Paints can be used to totally transform the interior – from mild to wild or anything in between

While many stains can be completely removed with cleaning solvents, some stains, such as ink stains, may remain visible. In this case the stain can be covered, and perfectly color matched with ColorBond interior paint. A bonus for the professional is this service can be performed for an upcharge.

Sometimes, when tough stains are removed the intensive cleaning also removes dye in the material, which can result in the cleaned area appearing lighter or darker than the surrounding area. ColorBond can be used to match the discolored area to that surrounding it. Again, this service can be performed for an upcharge. 

ColorBond LVP Refinisher Aerosol Spray Paint

Many professionals choose to use ColorBond interior paints provided in easy to use aerosol form as it simplifies the application procedure. They can just “spray and go”. Major benefits are the user doesn’t have to set up equipment or mix their own colors before painting. For the professional, the types of projects that make the most sense for aerosol use are the painting of larger panels, rather than small spot repairs, where a slight color contrast might be noticeable. For small spot repairs, professionals often use ColorBond LVP Refinisher concentrate applied with a spray gun, which is described in the next section.

Of note, ColorBond LVP Refinisher is the only aerosol car interior paint available in OEM approved colors. The correct interior color for a vehicle can be determined by providing the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) to the parts department of a local Ford, GM, Toyota, etc. dealer and they can provide the color name associated with the VIN code. The color name can then be matched to the ColorBond Color Selector to choose the appropriate hue.

ColorBond LVP Refinisher Concentrate Paint

ColorBond LVP Refinisher concentrate is intended for application by professional and experienced applicators. Rather than being provided in aerosol form, concentrate is offered in quart and gallon size cans and is applied with a spray gun. Using a selection of eleven ColorBond base color concentrates, the user can blend paint to perfectly match the interior color. Whether OEM or custom. To determine OEM correct color formulation, the interior color name can be provided to ColorBond, who will then supply the formula for that color. The process for determining the OEM interior color is described in the preceding section. Concentrates provide the ability to adjust the color tone to compensate for deviations from the OEM correct color caused by age, fading, etc. As well, with concentrates, the user can create any color under the rainbow.

ColorBond LVP Refinisher is available in quart and gallon size cans

Spray equipment is required to apply ColorBond LVP Refinisher concentrate

Regarding Painting Carpet

To achieve the correct appearance that carpeting requires, ColorBond recommends using the Pro Tech paint line. Pro Tech paints, which were originally designed for exterior trim applications, provide the necessary sheen. This is created by the reflective qualities (sparkle) of being a metallic paint. LVP Refinisher in Light Titanium is also a metallic paint and works well. For black carpeting, Pro Tech Gloss Black, a non-metallic paint, provides the correct sheen.

Proper Preparation

Preparation before painting is very important to achieve the best and most long-lasting results.

Prep Cleaner is a liquid non-solvent, aqueous-based cleaner that removes dirt, grime and oil when readying surfaces for interior auto paint. Works on everything from leather to soft plastics. Engineered to remove compounds and releasing agents that typically spoil most interior paint jobs.

ColorBond Adhesion Promoter Clear Aerosol (215) is essential to use for bond creating a bond between paint and auto plastics like PP & TPO

Leather seat before painting

Proper preparation is key

Refinished seat and another happy customer

With use of ColorBond products, detailers and refurbishers can increase customer satisfaction, offer additional services, and implement new profit centers. Thereby increasing profits and customer retention. ColorBond is good for business.