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Steven Sampaga is Gunning for the 2019 CLeo Award

July 11, 2019


Steven Sampaga’s stunning Nissan 350z has a GM LS3 V8 swapped in place of the original V6. That’s fun. The car has been fully built to handle the extra power, corners, and show duty. Steven plans to display the car at the 2019 SEMA Show and in preparation will be restyling the interior with ColorBond LVP Refinisher in a custom blue to match the exterior. As well he will be repainting the front and rear bumpers and adding a candy blue carbon fiber rear hatch and spoiler. 

Steven is hoping his interior restyle will win him the the 2019 ColorBond CLeo Award. Presented by ColorBond, the CLeo Award recognizes individuals who have shown excellence utilizing ColorBond LVP Refinisher car interior paint to restore, or restyle, the interior of any type of automobile including, trucks, muscle cars, classics. Award recipients receive the CLeo Crystal trophy, $500 and have their vehicle showcased in the ColorBond booth at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. They’re also provided with a space in the SEMA organized 100-car parade down the Las Vegas Strip! The CLeo Crystal trophy and $500.00 are presented to the winner in a special award ceremony that takes place in the ColorBond booth during the show. 2019 is the 6th annual bestowment of the prize. Check out the history of CLeo Award winners.

“Growing up I have always had a love for Nissans and the whole Z family.” Steven says. “I told myself one day I would own a Nissan Z. It was difficult being a broke college student going to nursing school and working at a yogurt shop, but I managed to save enough to afford a 350z. That is when I named her Sally.

We started taking Sally more serious in the Summer of 2015 and have going working on her non-stop. It started with bodywork, bagging her, and then wheels done all in my garage. We moved forward then had everything I could polish on the VQ and added all the bolt on’s that were not only functional, but also gave performance gains.

What inspired me to build Sally was my family, and the love of being a car enthusiast. After putting in hours work in my tiny garage, bleeding from cuts and sharing good times, I can say it’s worth it after seeing the finished product. It’s the support of all my friends and family that keeps the car community thriving. This will be a lifelong journey and I am excited to share it with the world.” Steven concludes.

We wish Steven luck in his quest to win the 2019 ColorBond CLeo Award.

Check back as we will be updating Steven’s interior restyle project as results become available!

To learn how to enter the 2019 ColorBond CLeo Award competition Click Here

Before interior restyling

Before interior restyling

Before interior restyling

Before interior restyling