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Not Just an Upholstery Paint – LVP Refinisher

June 13, 2019


ColorBond LVP Refinisher can be used for a variety of projects. Many people think of the product as just an upholstery paint used for the refurbishment and restyling of automobile interiors. However, it can be used on a variety of leather, vinyl and plastic surfaces on motorcycles, boats, furniture, leather jackets, and more. Check out these ColorBond user success stories:

Patio Furniture Cushions

Our cream colored with light blue & brown flowers patio cushions after 5 years of wear were covered with dirty streaks and nothing was getting them cleaned. I looked for replacement cushions – none available. I looked for covers for them – none available. Someone suggested painting them. I found ColorBond upholstery paint and took a chance. Wow!!! So easy to apply, quick dry, and the finished product looks better than I ever could have imagined. It looks like we have new furniture! The newly painted cushions have been through heavy rainstorms and sunny hot days and they are holding up great. I recommend this product to anyone who wants to restore vinyl, etc. Thank you so much ColorBond – you saved us from having to spend a lot of money on new patio furniture!

Ford Mustang Seats

I purchased the (325) Medium Dove LVP Refinisher for my Wife’s 2008 Mustang “Silver Slipper” … at a little over 101,000 miles the interior was showing wear and especially the leather seats and the carpet. With less than three cans of the paint I did both front bucket seats and the rear bottom and top seat. I also purchased light grey carpet dye/paint. Both were applied easily after removing all the seats and l left the carpet in place knowing I could paint around most of the trim and console parts easily. The match for both was amazing and covered nicely and you would never know they were done.

Boat Seat Cushions

These are pictures of our boat seats that had mildewed. I tried everything I could find but couldn’t get the mildew off. I saw ColorBond in Overton’s magazine. I did some research on your website and decided to give it a try. I ordered 12 cans (8 white and 4 dark blue) to redo the seats on our 2002 pontoon. It did an amazing job. The seats look like new again. I showed the pictures to several people that suggested that it wouldn’t work and they were very surprised at the job ColorBond upholstery paint did.

Check out this video, made at the 2018 SEMA Show, that demonstrates the variety of hard and soft surfaces to which ColorBond LVP Refinisher can be applied.