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Enter to win the ColorBond CLeo Award!

May 16, 2019
Have a ColorBond automotive project that you are proud of? Enter to win the ColorBond CLeo Award! We are pleased to announce the 2019 ColorBond CLeo Award, which will be our 6th annual bestowment of the prize. The award recognizes individuals who have shown excellence utilizing ColorBond LVP Refinisher car interior paint to restore, or restyle, the interior of any type of automobile including, trucks, muscle cars, classics. Award recipients receive the CLeo Crystal trophy, $500 and have their vehicle showcased in the ColorBond booth at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. They’re also provided with a space in the SEMA organized 100-car parade down the Las Vegas Strip! The CLeo Crystal trophy and $500.00 are presented to the winner in a special award ceremony that takes place in the ColorBond booth during the show.

The CLeo was established in 2014 to honor Mr. Leo Kagan who was responsible for moving the SEMA Show in 1977 from Anaheim, California to its current location in Las Vegas. The SEMA Show is the world’s largest automotive aftermarket trade show.

Carlos Medrano was the 2018 ColorBond CLeo Award. The results Carlos achieved using ColorBond LVP Refinisher car interior paint were beautiful and we are truly honored Carlos chose ColorBond to help convey his artistic expression.

As you can see, Carlos’ 2013 Honda Civic Si turned out incredibly well and the colors went together beautifully. The interior that was originally teal and black and has been transformed to a stunning white. In 2016 Carlos won the CLeo Award with this same car. Of note, he was able to paint the ColorBond LVP Refinisher car interior paint on top of that previously existing without any build-up or loss of surface detail. For an overview of previous CLeo Award winners Click Here

To enter to win the 2019 ColorBond CLeo Award contact Malcolm Johnson at Maybe you’ll be the recipient!

Previous CLeo Award Winners:

Ken Bolen – 2014 CLeo Winner

Jay Van Houten – 2015 CLeo Winner

Carlos Medrano – 2016 CLeo Winner

Eddie Black – 2017 CLeo Winner