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Street Rod Upholstery Paint Produces a Show Quality Interior

March 4, 2021


The interior of Gary Archer’s street rod needed refreshing and color uniformity. After purchasing the car three years ago, Gary began making repairs and upgrades throughout the vehicle and recently the interior issues were addressed.

The ’37 Chevy had been fitted with leather front and rear seats from a 2008 Mustang by the previous owner, which needed refinishing to look as great as the rest of the car.

Now it was time for Gary to determine how to refinish his interior. He considered an upholstery paint product that his sister-in-law used to refinish leather furniture. The furniture turned out well, but the paint was prohibitively expensive for his project. After doing research Gary found ColorBond LVP Refinisher street rod upholstery paint produced a high-quality result and was reasonably priced. It was just what he needed.

Front Seats – Before and After

Overall, the project took about 2 ½ days. Gary removed and disassembled the seats to be sure the paint would reach all of the surfaces to be refinished. Then he cleaned the seats with ColorBond Prep Cleaner and applied LVP Refinisher in #336 Ford Dove Gray. Gary sprayed three coats of the street rod upholstery paint to the high wear seating surface areas and two coats elsewhere. He went on to clean and paint the door and other interior panels to match. He even painted the leather steering wheel grip!

Seats, Interior Panels and Steering Wheel – Before and After Refinishing with ColorBond

Refinished Back Seat

The project required 6 cans of LVP Refinisher and a bottle of Prep Cleaner. A cost of only $105!

Gary loves the results he achieved and has taken the Chevy to car shows since he completed the project. He says the street rod upholstery paint looks great and is very durable. Congratulations on a job well done, Gary!

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